M.V. Galilee to Serve Diocese of Gizo

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A 50ft steel-hulled vessel which was purchased by our bishop in 2015 thanks to many benefactors who made it possible has arrived from New Zealand on Christmas day. Once in service in the diocese of Gizo, the GALILEE ship will operate between the Western Province and the Choiseul Province, providing transport for people and goods, serving the schools, health centers, pastoral activities and the parishes with project activities.

Ongoing assistance requires training local people with the skills to operate the vessel and maintain it, as well as management to ensure that its operating costs 
are sustainable.

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The signing of a Potion of Land.

About 12 tribe chiefs of Voruvoru area within North Choiseul have agreed and signed a document to offer a portion of their land to the Catholic Church for the development of a new center where a structure will be built and human resources involved.

Bp Escorted
Bp sign which wittness by parishioners
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The goal of the center to be built and run will be the bringing of the community together to dream and plan for the realization of their dreams.

The young generations, in particular, will be assisted and formed for a better future through health and education programs, religious instruction, cultural encounters, recreational facilities, and opportunities.

The dreams are big, the land is small but enough to start with…. for sure more can be invested as time and dreams will also grow. It will be all depend on the ability of the community to learn from the past and sacrifice for a better future.

One of the members said, “God forgive us when all our dreams are have become true because they were too small… Voruvoru dreams are big; we wish all the goodwill they need to be one in mind and heart and to remain committed when the going will be tough”

The formal signing of the agreement followed by the groundbreaking ceremony with all speeches from chiefs was indeed a great occasion witnessed by the large crowd of people who enjoyed singing and dancing with the local pan pipers.

The night was very peaceful followed by the Solemn Confirmation liturgy with 93 candidates.

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The Catholic community of Voruvoru will be the 7th parish to enjoy a new church and facilities attached to it in the post-tsunami reconstruction program of the diocese of Gizo, badly hit by the disaster of April 2, 2007. 

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Holy Door pilgrimage, Diocese of Gizo
If the people can’t go to the Holy Door, the Holy Door goes to the people.

The People of Christ the King Parish, Voruvoru conveyed their thanks to the Holy Father, Pope Francis for initiating the Jubilee year of Mercy. It is timely for those of them who lived in rather isolated places where visitation and other necessary services are lacking to the world outside of them. It has also helped to strengthen their local Catholic communities as well as building the relationship amongst them. The pilgrimage created solidarity in communities. They extended their sincere thanks to Most Rev. Bishop Luciano Capelli SDB of Gizo Diocese for his support by enabling the Holy Door to reach their shore and other parts in the Diocese. Also to the Diocesan Team of Pastoral Animation (DTPA) Led by the Episcopal Vicar General; Fr. Jacob Qetobatu for their hard work and dedication. They live in an unpredictable situation where at times they are unsure of their place in the country as well as in the Church. They know that access to their location is rather difficult, and this has contributed to a larger degree in isolating them from outside communication.

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Nuncio Visits Schools and other Provincial Department

His Excellency Most Reverend Archbishop Fermin Emilio Sosa Rodriguez, along with Msgr. Federico Boni and Bishop Peter Houhou visited schools around St. Peters Parish Gizo.

They visited the Vanga Training Schools, St. Peters Urban Training Center and St. John Bosco Schools on the 24th, 25th, and 31st of August.

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Nuncio Visits Correctional Center

His Excellency Most Reverend Archbishop Fermin Emilio Sosa Rodriguez, along with Msgr. Federico Boni his secretary, and Bishop Peter Houhou, the new bishop of the Diocese of Gizo visited the Gizo Correctional Center this afternoon.

Group photo with Nuncio

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Divine Mercy Program Success for 2 days

The Divine Mercy group at Moli has successfully ended their program with parishioners during the Solemnity of the Divine Mercy Sunday on the 16th of April.

Their program commenced on Saturday evening, which invited everyone to recite and expose to the Blessed Sacrament.


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More Youths Involve in Easter Celebrations.

 More youths around our diocese are involved in the Easter activities especially the dramatizing of the Passion Sunday (Palm Sunday), which commemorates Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, and the Dead and the Resurrection of Him.

Involving them through dramatizing Jesus riding on the Donkey and the fourteen Station of the Cross highlights the actual event happening 2000 years ago.


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Lenten Cross Launch for Pilgrimage around Parish.

On February 22nd, the Lenten Cross was launched for a pilgrimage around the communities at Holy Rosary Parish Nila.

The launching took place at the mission station and its first destination was St. John Bosco Senior and Technical School. Then they went to Tuha Junior Secondary School spending 2 days before their departure to the Fauro community.


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