Bishop unveils new Te Maneaba in Wagina, challenges parishioners 

WAGINA community in Choiseul province has been blessed with a new community hall (Te Man
baea) which was officially opened on Sunday the 14th of January.
          The Te Maneaba known as the Holy Family Maneaba was about 40 meters in length and 20 meters wide was built since 2016.
The solemn ceremony commenced with the Eucharistic Mass celebration were a church elder has the opportunity to translate bishop's homily to the community.

Bishop Cappelli cuts the ribbon assist by some of the parish priest from oversea

New Te Maniaba
Bishop Capelli’s message was focused on helping the children and in his message he challenged the community to examine the past, and more came to realize and identified some of their prioritized areas which turn to neglect the children.

The Bishop congratulated the community and the parish priest for the beautiful community hall, and asked them to use the Maneaba in planning for the betterment for the children.

After the Mass, parishioners witnessed the cutting of the ribbon (Opening of the Maneaba) by Bishop Capelli assisted by Fr. Stanis, Fr. Rueben and a Parish priest from Noro.

This was followed by meals, entertainments, and speeches.

During night program the parish priest, Fr. Stanislaus Mynt from Burma thanked the community, the families, organizations, and companies who financially supported the construction of the hall which cost them nearly half a million.

The PP Fr. Stanis also revealed to the community the many developments the Diocese has contributed to especially the Church building which more than a million dollars.

But Fr. Stanis stated that the Diocese never contributed to the Maneaba but he challenged the community to tolerate bishop two separate challenging messages; where the bishop asked to look forward to the better education for the children.

The flying bishop left afternoon on board his small seaplane, but the program continued till 5am morning next day.

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Blessing of St. Paul’s Chapel – Nikumaroro, Wagina.







More than 1000 people came together on Sunday 24th January, 2010 at Nikumaroro village of the Sacred Heart Parish, Wagina Island, to witness the Blessing of their new Chapel. Bishop of Gizo – Most Rev Luciano Capelli sdb consecrated the newly built Chapel. Concelebrating the Holy Eucharist were Fr. Albert Kalu, the Parish Priest and Frs. Jeffery Puritau, John Tiroko and Lawrence Kimaere. Also present at the celebration were United Church & SDA ministers and their people of Wagina as well as Italian volunteer friends of our Bishop of Gizo.

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Fr Geoffrey

Originally from Malaita. Auki Diocese, Tarapaina Parish, he is the Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Parish, Cookson, Wagina, Choiseul Province.

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Bishop's Pastoral Visit Wagina

Bishop’s Pastoral visit to Wagina Parish highlights the important of Renewal to the Church of the Diocese of Gizo. On his arrival he was welcomed by the community elders and people from the parish. However, his arrival was unexpected but he was warmly welcomed with entertainment, refreshment and speeches from the church and community elders.

Most Rev, Bishop Luciano Capelli sdb welcomed by the community



Children receiving Confirmationls with Bishop Luciano Capelli sdb.

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Wagina Parish- Diocese of Gizo in the Solomon Islands

Wagina Parish is located on the island of Wagina, which is a few kilometres South of Choiseul Island. It is a long, wet canoe ride from Gizo from Gizo. Occasionally it is possible to catch a flight to the South end of Choiseul and then take a canoe to Wagina. The people of Wagina are almost entirely of Kiribati origin and have successfully merged aspects of Solomons and Kiribati culture. At the moment, the Parish is served part time byone of the two Malaitan priests who are on loan from the Auki Diocese in Malaita.


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Education for life Wagina Parish



More than 25 youth from Wagina attended the Education for life program on the 26th to 28th May. Beginning of the days session youths reflect more on Bible readings with sharings which enabled them to speak more on Spiritual Life,which help them to have the opportunity to sit through all sessions through out the 3 days Workshop.

At the end of the program youth had the privilege to give an awareness night to the Tegeagea community where parents had time to encourage each other to put a stop to some of the disadvantage of this entertaining world.

The program was facilitated by the Media worker and the Education for life Coordinato

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Diocese of Gizo in the Solomon Islands
New priest ordained at Wagina

Wagina recently (December 2005) celebrated the Ordination to the Priesthood of Father Laurence Kimaere, the latest local Dominican to be ordained. The celebrations that his people, I-Kiribati migrants here now over 40 years, had arranged for the occasion were truly magnificent with the focus on their own unique traditional dance and song in the Liturgy and feasting and dancing in the Maneaba (Meeting House).




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Wagina Kindergarten, the Best Now.



Wagina Kindergarten can now enroll more children since the new kindy school building recently completed last year, has allowed for more space.




The completion of the school building was the result of the commitment and leadership of people involved, and more over the people who responded and have the heart for their children's education.

The school building is described as a better school building for the children for the next decade. The school building also motivated more parents to enroll their children.
A father appreciated the two missionaries from Burma in their heart in coordinating this project to its completion, and other projects which has brought about drastic changes to Wagina parish.

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