About Eighty Attend Teachers Seminar Moli.

About eighty teachers attended  a week seminar that was facilitated by Fr. Joe Ensing and Sr. Brenda Nash from Papua New Guinea. The seminar was held at Moli pastoral center St. Joseph parish, Choiseul province.



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Kindergarten Seminar, Teacher's Reflections.

LawrenciaMirukuLawrencia Miruku
Lawrencia Miruku from Paparakakasa, St. Dominic Parish Sirovanga was one of the participants who have an opportunity to attend a very important kindergarten teacher seminar that was held at St. Peter’s parish Gizo on the 11th – 13th July 2017.

has been enrolled by her community for almost 2 years and has been a model for caring the 25+ children in her community. Lawrencia who is an old untrained teacher but by her experience as a young talented mother, and by the help of other untrained teachers and her community she has an enthusiastic to carry on her role as a kindergarten teacher in her community.

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Catholics Gizo Complete 3 days’ Seminar for Kindy Untrained Teachers.

About 30 kindergarten teacher participants from the Catholic diocese of Gizo have successfully completed a 3 days’ seminar which commenced on the 11th – 13th of July 2017.
          Participants were from Gizo parish and from Wagina, Moli, Voruvoru and Sirovanga parish in the Choiseul province.

Ms. Paolo demonstrate on some of the playing kitsMs. Paolo demonstrate on some of the playing kits.
DSCF0483Diocesan Secretary explain on to one of the participants, while a St. .Peter's kindy supervisor looks on.
group photoParticipants with their certificates and the facilitators during group photo.
A 3 days training seminar mainly to equip the kindergarten unqualified teachers to analysis some of the initial situation about the children in the class, this includes identifying the psychological characteristic of the children between 3-6 year of age, literacy, mathematics and management and emergency in the school.

The training may also enable teachers to bring the children more closely to the moral teaching of the Catholic faith.

During this seminar, Bishop Luciano Capelli sdb has the opportunity to give a session on the importance of the work they are doing with children back in their schools. He congratulated them to have made this initiative living their family behind and made it to this seminar.

He stressed also that teachers should care about the children who have come for them to be educated, and promised them to equip their school with resources.

The human being the “child ‘’ is important to address his/her education and should come from the heart. He continued to say “Teachers have a very important role to play in the education of the children to day, he also reminded them not to cause a lot of absenteeism in their school.”

The seminar involves different facilitators who take a turn to facilitate the types of activities which includes questions, comments, demonstrations, group work, discussions and presentations from the participants.

Facilitated by the Italian Volunteer Ms. Paolo, supervisor and teachers from St. Peter’s kindergarten Gizo and the Diocesan Secretary Ms. Wryne Bennett.

The seminar ended successfully with the handing over of the certificates to participants. 

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New Filipino Teacher to Serve Don Bosco Secondary School Nila Shortland Island.

A new foreign teacher to serve Don Bosco secondary school at Nila Shortland Island was welcomed at Nusatupe Airstrip. She is Madam Mariter Mayor Alamil, 51 from Filipino arrived in Gizo on Monday the 1st of May on the feast day of St. Joseph the worker.

Mareta is garland by education secratery Ms. Wryne BennettMariter is garlanded by education secretery Ms. Wryne Bennett
Mariter AlamilMariter Alamil
She served as a teacher in the Philippines and handled classes in Christian living education and in guidance, mostly in secondary schools. Last year she taught humanities and world religious in the senior high school, and left for Solomon this year 2017.

Madam Mariter belong to a large family with 2 brothers and 7 sisters, all alive and the eldest brother died when Mariter was 4 years old. Both her parents dead, mother in 2000 and her father in 2013.

When I asked Mariter, what is her expectation, she said that she really don’t have much expectations, but what is within herself is the excitement and the desire to be with the people of Solomon Islands, particularly in Nila, and be a part of their learning process. “I am here to serve and to love, all for God’s greater glory”,  said Madam Mariter

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Two of the key priorities for Solomon Islanders have consistently been Education and Health. From the earliest days, the Churches put a lot of effort into these areas and established Schools and Clinics throughout the Provinces. Eventually, the Solomons Government took over many of the schools (but not Kindergartens).

Recently, this has potentially changed yet again so that now, the Government wants Gizo Diocese to take back the running of a number of schools. This presents a formidable challenge, particularly in the provision of resources.

Updating and constantly upgrading personnel and techniques is very important and increasingly the world is focussed upon Information Technology ("IT"). Hence, in collaboration with the Sydney Catholic Education Office, the Diocese of Gizo has set up its 'Education Resource Centre'. The centre - recently completed - is to provide a clean, quiet and airy space for teachers and animators to attend Seminars and Workshops. Part of the plan yet to be realized - is a well equipped computer room with LAN connections designed to allow the teachers and animators to become computer literate and have access to the internet and assorted other IT resources.

The building is complete and in use. Wiring of the LAN facilities and linking to the Diocesan Office via Wireless LAN Link has been accomplished. All that is needed is the donation of a number of computers in order to run training and familiarisation courses.

It is hoped to recoup some of the running costs of the Resource Centre by renting the facility for external training and/or running a part-time "Internet Cafe" when the Centre is not being utilised for its primary purpose.

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Fr. Benedict Qelo Celebrate 1st Year Anniversary

Fr. Benedict Qelo cuts the ist Anniversary cake

A plan Priesthood Anniversary for invited friends only for Fr. Benedict Qelo was turn out to be; for the all parishioners here at St. Peters parish Gizo on Sunday 17 October.

Fr Qelo during his Thanksgiving Mass

A beautiful celebration, which commemorated Fr. Benedict Qelo's first Anniversary as priesthood, brought more happiness and appreciation from friends, relatives, and Religious. It started from the beginning with planning, preparations, and the Thanksgiving Mass celebration.

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Vanga Teacher’s College 17 commencement exercises

8 your ladies and three young men graduated today Nov 6 from VTC. In 17 years of dedication the College has trained more than 200 instructors for our RTCs. They are a gift of the Gizo Catholic Diocese to the Solomon Islands society to support the country in its efforts of Rural development.


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Vanga Teacher’s College has graduated its 7th

set of 18 graduates on Friday the 30th of October.



The Institution will continue to prepare young graduates to help other youth in ‘learning by doing’

The catholic Education authority of the Gizo Diocese has renewed its commitment, competence and dedication to train good mentors for the youth of the country.

· Sound Christian values have inspired them throughout their learning process

· Adequate technical skills equipped them with the necessary sense of self worth

· Sufficient competence in showing and demonstrating how things are done makes them self confident and optimistic

We salute our graduates and wish them all the best in their noble profession

The Catholic Education authority of the Gizo diocese is proud to present them to the whole nations and send them to the Rural Training Centers with enthusiasm and optimism for the growth of the quality of the RTC in the country

Bishop Luciano Capelli, sdb

Catholic Education Authority of the Gizo Diocese

Graduation- Entrance Procession
Maria Curi
Traditional handshake School Board

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