Voruvoru take Initiative to Clean Bangara RHC.

Voruvoru youths took the initiative to clean up the Bangara Rural Health Clinic on the 3rd of February as part of their program said Fr. Thomas Pata who is currently serving the parish.

YV1  YV5  YV4

Although the number of young people in the parish has decreased, many are enrolled in secondary education, and others have left, but their involvement in its programs and communities inspired them.

YV2  YV3 YV7

Fr. Thomas lists their responsibilities as managing the clinic for the upcoming year, helping to establish the community secondary school, and constructing the new parish church building.

So, starting off with Bangara Rural Health Center has given a positive sign for these youths, said Fr. Thomas.

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St. Eusebius Noro Applauds December Events. 

Saint Eusebius Noro was commended for their deeds of December 2023.

Among their delightful events was the visitation of Fr. Umberto, General Superior of Servants of Charity, who was escorted by Fr. Luigi, Delegate Superior of SMD, who highlighted their visit to Rarumana for the consecration of the renovated Chapel and their visit to Bishop Peter Houhou at Gizo as well as the visit of the two Italian AMIS volunteers.

fr.Umberto visit  visit to Bp  HFcannan  

Following that, the Feasts of St. Stephen Chapel in Sulumoni Village on Kolobangara and the Holy Family Feast in Canaan, Kohigo Island were also celebrated.

In fact, the parishioners in the rural areas surrounding Noro Township were made to feel cheerful by these activities.

carlopaoloNoro  sulumonifamily

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Nine Graduates at St. Peters Urban Training Center.

Nine students from St. Peters Urban Training School received their Certificates on Thursday, October 19th, at St. Peters Hall in Gizo.


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Christ the King Parish Celebrate WYD23.

“We cannot make it to Portugal for the WYD 2023, but we do make it here at Sariana Christ the King Parish” said Ben Kulabule a parish media volunteer there.

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New Bishop Install for Diocese of Gizo

Catholic Diocese of Gizo now has a new Bishop, Most Rev. Bishop Peter Houhou who was installed at St. Peter Cathedral Gizo on Sunday 27th of August 2023 by the Nuncio, His Excellency, Most Reverend Archbishop Fermin Emilio Sosa Rodriguez.

Bishop peter his handed to the diocese of Gizo Copy

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 Brief History of Late Fr. Simon Suvenava OP.

We heard the sad news of the passing away of Fr. Simon Suvenava OP. He died on the 20th of July at about 3.30 after a fall in the priest's house at Sirovanga. Let us be one in our prayers for Him. He lately was feeling very weak and has been in the hospital both in Honiara and Gizo. During the last month's retreat, he had dengue fever.

LET US IMITATE HIS PASTORAL ZEAL and cheerfulness in life.

Fr. Simon intercedes for us.

late Fr. Simon

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Celebrating Solemnity Enlighten Faithfull.

Solemnity celebrations have continued to enlighten parishioners especially those youths who continue to observe and learn more about why we have such celebrations.

Such celebrations also have the faithful come together, and it is a feast day of the highest rank of celebrating a mystery of the faith in the church.


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Diocese of Gizo Ordain 1st Permanent Deacon.

The Catholic Diocese of Gizo has ordained its first Permanent Deacon (PD) at St. Peters Cathedral Gizo during the Cathedral’s feast day on the 2nd Sunday of July 2023.

He is Jerome Kuibatu who is a current pastoral coordinator for the Diocese of Gizo whom has been welcomed at the Altar to serve the priests.


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