Hey Dad Training Noro Successful End. 


Hey, Dad training was conducted at St. Eusebius Parish, from 20th to 22nd of August 2021 in Noro. It was a weekend workshop for Daddies of the Southern Deanery parishes of the Catholic Diocese of Gizo.

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Brief History of Late Fr. Callisto Tavisibatu OP

IMG 1505
The death of Late Fr. Calisto Tavisibatu OP has brought families, relatives, parishioners, diocesans, and friends; to their last farewell respect for Fr. Calisto who was called to rest by our Heavenly Father on the 11 of September 2021.

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ND Womens Rally has Successful End

The Northern Deanery women Rally has successfully come to an end at Pirakamae St. Dominic Parish Sirovanga, Northwest Choiseul.

Women rally includes women from St. Dominic Sirovanga, Christ the King Voruvoru, St. Don Bosco Taro, St. Joseph Moli and including other observers. Also include are fathers, youths who gave their support in the preparation and co_coordinating the activities.

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Celebrate Requiem Mass Nusabaruku. 


On Saturday 14th of August, the community in Nusabaruka along with the Nuns of the Society of the Visitation, and with Fr Soloko celebrated the Requiem Mass at Nusabaruku. 

The foundress of of the society, Mother, Vincenza, was laid to rest at the society's sanctuary in Italy.

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Dominican Family Gizo Celebrate their Founders Feast day.

IMG 0261

The Dominican family here in the diocese of Gizo are very happy to celebrate their founders feast day, the St. Dominic at Loga Island.
          Celebrated with other Religious and families within the parish really colored the occasion which everyone gave their warmly appreciations to the Friars and Sisters of the Dominican family.          
          The celebration kicked off with the preparation night at Friday late afternoon until midnight, and then Thanksgiving Mass the next day at 9:00 am.

IMG 0264      IMG 0265

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Nusabaruku Target Fundraising Successful at the  end of July. 

An ongoing fundraising drive has successful at the end of  July last month with the money raised up to more than $16,000.00 at Nusabaruku. Under the umbrella of Gizo parish; Nusabaruku Catholic community had to pull up its socks and started paying off the dues as required by all Catholic community zones, in and around Gizo parish.

smart      smart

Nusabaruku Catholic community being one of the zones that make up the Gizo parish community would need to pay an annual contribution of $7,000.00.

This in mind, including other commitment for our Catholic community in Nusabaruku the church and missionaries – the community split into 3 groups, having their own leaders, to do fundraisings through the month – and the outcome of their fundraise efforts to be publicly announced at the end of the month. With the little drama, this to show appreciation to the team that raised the highest funds.

I hope that this would ignite a spirit of competiveness, and thus boost morale in fundraising.

Fundraising includes contributions, Bobo night, card games, and sales of cooked and uncooked foods throughout the month.

Next day, the new month that was on Sunday 1 August after the Holy Mass celebration, the fundraising committee announced the wining group. The highest raised funds to be crowned, and have the privilege of first serve at the table.

Total raised was $16,913.00 and the group ranking as follows;

Group 3 (Anthony’s group) $7,381.00

Group 2 (Naou’s group) $5,020.00

Group 1 (Tomas’s group) $4,512.00

The committee has convey their sincerely thanks to the participating teams and more so to their friends and supporters for their generosity in help they rendered.

They said that their parish contribution could now be settle.


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The Paschal Candle and Cross and the reason
of our  Jubilee pilgrimage 
Called and chosen 

60 years have passed since the Catholic Church has been recognized as the Apostolic Vicariate.   We recognize the initiative of God through the missionary passion of the Marist fathers from Bouganville to the Shortlands and Choiseul to plant the seed of Christianity, followed by the Dominican order as soon as the Apostolic Vicariate was established.

Most Rev, Bishop Luciano Capelli sdb

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FLA Complete 3 days Workshop on NOM

The Family Life Apostolate (FLA) has successfully completed its workshop on the Natural Ovulation Methods (NOM).

The workshop lasted for 3 days commenced on the 6th until 8th of April at Nila Mission station Shortland Island.
Facilitatated by Sr. Rita Pitavavini OP and Sr. Alice Salas from the Servant of the Visitation which they based their lectures on NOM. Both Sisters were Religious and they are nurses by professional and with Fr. Calistus Tavisibatu OP, a priest who took on the moral teaching of the Church.

presentation      FrPhil
 Group presentation after a long discussion                                       Fr. Phil gives his message about issues affecting mothers

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