The Mercy Fever In Gizo Diocese

The ‘FB IMG 1462243401274MERCY FEVER’ which converts and globalises the hearts proposed to us by Pope Francis to commit us to forgive others and challenge us to service and solidarity with all has reached the highest point in the thermometer here in Gizo at the centre south Pacific region

The isolation of the parishes from the Gizo Diocesan Centre makes it impossible for the people of the far away villages to reach the cathedral and the Holy Door of the Jubilee year

The pastoral team however did not give up the great opportunity offered to the faithful and proposed an easy and meaningful initiative “If the isolated faithful cannot go to the holy door at the cathedral, the holy door will go around the parishes and the villages to reach the isolated people”

The tour of the 14 villages ended today after two intensive months with the diocesan boat and 60 horse outboard motor which braved the sea which has not always peaceful and cooperativeholy door travelling around

The welcome ceremony at sea has been very well prepared

  • The Holy door was preceded by the Cross and sided by the two banners of the Jubilee year logo

  • The village warriors gave the Cross and the door a real custom and hero welcome

  • There followed a liturgical celebration on meditation on God’s words, celebration of the sacrament of reconciliation and Eucharist

  • The symbolic passing through the reconciliation door implied the acceptance of the gift of compassion received and the commitment to reconcile with one’s neighbours, and peace making among hostile groups. True peace we all believe passes through forgiveness freely received and given

  • The people have been prepared by the pastoral team on a previous visit and responded with unexpected enthusiasm

FB IMG 1462243316107The Gizo priests have shared their happiness in seeing the people participate with all good will

In Melanesian social life “reconciliation-compensation” are key words and the ritual is central in the culture of the village social life, Faith provides the experience first in oneself and the sharing of that experience to others as a commitment to the Gift received

Never have the priests worked so hard as these two months as ministers of reconciliation

How beautiful it is when we can experience reconciliation within ourselves and we share this gift to others… How beautiful it is when we can forgive each other and start again

Mistakes and conflicts can become moments encounter and of growth if faced with an open heart, motivated by faith and generosity

Luciano Capelli, sdb

Bishop of Gizo

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Diocese of Gizo Celebrate Diamond Jubilee

Lately in the Diocese of Gizo, after the priest meeting that took place
 on the second week of March 2021, Bishop Luciano Capelli sdb intiates the celebration of the Diocesan Diamond Jubilee.
The main event highlighting this celebration is the pilgrimage of the Cross and the Jubilee Candle that goes around to all the 8 parishes.

processmwgina      prcsvoru
A processing match to the Chapel after the arrival of the Candle and Cross, Wagina Parish                                           Voruvoru parish, a processing match after the arrival, Candle and Cross

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Monday March 15 has been a mile stone in the growth of the GSH (GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL) at Tetere, North East Guadalcanal. Built by the Italian volunteers from 2004 to 2008 and inaugurated on January 31, 2008 it has since then catered to the 40.000 residents of the Area it serves (a population as big or even bigger than that of some provinces of the country)

In the past year it served 23.000 out patients, it admitted 1700 patients, it served 3000 mothers before and after birth, it gave birth to 960 babies. It provided assistance to referral patients with two full time ambulance services. In addition to this it provided all other services required by the ministry of health. The hospital now inaugurated and blessed a new three rooms facilities for Non-Communicable Diseases.  

What makes the Good Samaritan Hospital unique is the cleanliness of the place and the commitment of the staff. It was very evident in the joy and friendliness of them all and very noticeable in the various speeches both by the local speakers as well as from the Provincial and national Authorities.

The private initiative, the ministry support, (Dr. Jilini and dr. Denti) the commitment of the Pieta’ sisters (under the leadership of Sr Dally Rojo, the good will, enthusiasm and professionalism of the resident doctor Dr. Zimlon the visitng doctors, the nurses (headed by nurse Rex), have made GSH number one in the country. (With due respect to number nine at Honiara)

Big plans and expectations lay ahead. We have a big dream and we have proven our commitment for the past 13 years. We are called and sent to be Good Samaritans to each other no matter whether we are Jews or Samaritans, believers or not, belonging to a Church or another… universal brotherhood makes us one as children of the same father dedicated to serving each other. The animating community of the GSH

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Youth office to have new youth coordinator.

Despite a lot of programs coming up for the youths, our youth office will have its new youth coordinator.

Rachel Erea. New Youth Coordinator 2017
She is Ms. Rachel Eria who is from part Kiribati and Malaita, was serving the western province as a registration clerk since 2013.

An energetic young lady who has her dream to work with youths around our diocese will team up with our pastoral team, touring, working collaboratively with parish youth coordinators and facilitating youth ministry around our diocese.

She will take up office on the 1st June 2017 and is expected to set up youth programs for youth around the parishes.

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Youth for Christ (YFC) Conduct first Visitation.

The Catholic Diocese of Gizo Youth for Christ (YFC) launch its first visitation program to the needy people over the weekend.

Granny Seno Rurumae was the first to be visited on Sunday the 30th April at her daughter’s resident at Gizo banana valley.

group photoGroup photo with Granny Seno
ChairpersonChairperson Ms. Fatima reads through the layout of their program
Ready for singingReady for singing
The aging mother was very excited when she received the youths who they gave their wonderful message through singing, praying and sharings which uplifts her spirit.

The YFC program was mainly to encourage, impact or to renew youths by its programs of activities, that one may become good citizen of this country Solomon Island.

Accompanying the youths was their parish priest Fr. Stephen Te’e.

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