St. Peters Sunday school Weekend Rally

IMG 3173
12th to 14th November was one excited Rally for the Sunday school children of the St. Peters Catholic parish Gizo.

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St. Peters Youths Gizo Complete 2021-Year Program.

Pose for a group photo Copy
About 40 youths from the St. Peters Cathedral Gizo have completed their youth camp at Nusa Bosco primary school on Gizo Island, purposely to mark their end-year programs.

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YE Seminar Successfully end after 3 Weekends

aSt. Don Bosco Youths pose for group photo   aSt. Joseph Moli youths pose for group photos

About 90 youths from the three Catholic parishes from the Diocese of Gizo have benefited from the Youth Encounters (YE) Seminar; which was facilitated by a Diocesan youth coordinator Mr. Kolody, and the assistant parish priest from Gizo parish Fr. Dominic Soloko.

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Youth Encounter Facilitators Workshop, Noro Parish

A Youth Encounters Seminar that was facilitated by the Youth team from the Diocese of Gizo has commenced on the 25th and ended successfully on 27 June 2021 this weekend at St. Eusebius parish Noro.

during group discussion      Noro Participant explaining a pictures to the trainers

A formation seminar is purposely to equip the 19 participants to become trainers, which they may organize themselves and they can facilitate the program to their parishes.

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Reflection, Solobosco Youths

 IMG20171110165406 Copy 3
Junior Zachariah
Nila Don Bosco Secondary School.

 It was all about experiences.
I found it different at home, and at the secondary school and it was different at this gathering.
Playing, sharing together, singing and praying together.
More often is observing and exercising my spiritual deeds with the Salesian family.
Finally, I realize it was not an entertainment.

IMG20171110165406 Copy 2Faustina  Uva
Nila Don Bosco Secondary School.

 Moreover, was by observing the Spiritual life of the Salesian family. At first, I felt that I am far from them, but their programs of activities kept my attention, focused on them and I started to feel the spirituality outcome of it while involving. 

 IMG20171110165406 Copy
Marisi Tuva

Nila Don Bosco Secondary School.

It was enjoyable to spend time with other youths from other Don Bosco schools.
More youths who have different feelings with different ideas was indeed a good experience I came across.
Grouping us together was one experience that enables me to contribute, this was by discussion, sharing and simple housekeeping etc.

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Fourteen Attend SoloBosco Honiara

Fourteen Youths from the Don Bosco School Nila have successful completed 3 days gathering at Don Bosco Technical School Honiara. They were accompanied by Diocesan youth coordinator Ms. Racheal, Betty and their teacher Madam Marita.

group photo

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Four Italian Animators Farewell after 3 weeks Program.

Four Italian youth animators with Fr Eligio, sdb, from the Don Bosco youth center of Chieri (near Turin) were farewell after spending their 3 weeks activities here in the Diocese of Gizo.
In an emotional farewell, the two parties said goodbye to each other, and thanked each other for sharing experiences. Gizo youths were grateful for the new skills the Italian had empowered them with.

Bishop Luciano handed certificate to them for their achivement they spent here in the SIBishop Luciano handed certificate to them for their achivement they spent here in the SI

During the farewell ceremony, certificates and gifts were presented to the Italian youth animators, which certify their work, love for our youths here in the Catholic Diocese of Gizo.  

They are here to bring their charism of Don Bosco and keep it alive in our youths here in the diocese of Gizo. It is an ongoing program of the diocese of Gizo, which continues to receive youth animators from Italy to help uplift youth enthusiasm in serving other youths and getting them involved and committed to being animators of children in their parishes.

Their visit aims mainly to involve (look after and protect) our children in outdoor activities like games, and other dynamic initiatives. It is a visible exchange of cultural values and friendship in which both youth groups learn from each other.

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St. Peter’s Youth Gizo Join Ecumenical Youth Awareness Program.

St. Peter’s Youth Gizo joined the Ecumenical Youth Program, which was launched on 24 July 2017.              

The youth groups were being organized and formed under their Denominations and zone. All nine youth groups were introduced to selected activities to be performed in their own communities; venues were selected and identified and dates for each group to perform also had been organized. Topics on child care and protection were provided for each youth group to pass on to children through demonstrations, role-plays, songs, dances and speeches.  

St. Peters youth Gizo
Very beautiful performances were provided by the St. Peter’s Youth focusing on environment protection and general basic hygiene to the 2 communities of Titiana and Pelonqe. The program also dealt on Climate Change, a global issue affecting our islands.                  

At the closing, every youth groups from these denominations gathered at MSG hall to perform their activities to the public.          

This one-week program organized by the Solomon Island Water Sectors Adaptation Project (SIWSAP) was held here in Gizo and was sponsored by the SI Government, Global Environment Facility (GEF) and United Nation Development Program.

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