Hundreds Witness Consecration of New Church

Hundreds celebrated the consecration of the Moli new church building on the 26th of October at Moli mission station.

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New Wharf nears completion

The new Moli Wharf is nearing completion. It replaces the old wharf which has been decrepit for years and which was finally washed away in the Tsunami and Earthquake.

 The new wharf has been rebuilt by Caritas and will make it much easier to bring in supplies. It will be used by the new Mission Boat when it arrives.

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Fr. Jacob Qetobachu.


Newly ordained Diocesan Priest.

The Parish Priest of St. Joseph’s Parish, Moli.

Originally from Rabakela. Choiseul Provinces.

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Moli Coconut Replantation Project begins

Moli Parish Executive drew ups its budget for re-plantation of its coconut plantation project. A total up of $3,000.00 was passed during its executive meeting following the demand of a coconut milling project by the parishioners.
However, with response from the Provincial Marketing Services, Moli had produced tonnes of copra to the company and there is possible for its demand for the milling project.
The Executive encouraged everyone around the parish to keep up planting coconut for the next generation.

moli coconut re-plantation

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Pastoral time in Moli- Br Henry Natowosi

Br. HenryIn this article,I will share some of the very excited time’s during my pastoral time in Moli Parish.The People are accustomed to their daily routine. I have experienced and learnt a lot of many things and new ideas.
Interestingly,the people looked at Religious life in a very wider context– for everyone in the country.This makes me enjoy the community spirit to interact with each other in homes.Though there were counter–cultural challenges but I deserve to accept them as a challenge in my ministry.

I was very open to learn the diversity of cultures.One very interesting custom I would never forget is the sharing of food during celebration or feasts. They sit together and eat together on the ground.As community,they share the food to value their partnership to strengthen their community life.

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10 young people attended the Come and See program at Moli.

The program which was facilitated by our young Parish priest Fr.Jacob, was successfully ended with contributions from thecommunities. The communities from moli are divided into Zones and contributed on daily feedings. The program commenced on the 13th to 19th May. This is the 2nd group of our young people to join the Come and See program. Fr.Jacob thanked the communities and encouraged young people to give lives to the church.

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Moli Community High School Fund Raising

Community High School from Moli raised funds on the 21st to 25th April at Moli parish Station. 6 Stalls were erected for each zones which includes stalls from youths and from ‘MARISCO” group lead by Fr. Jacob. The fund raising includes soccer and netball teams from Batava area.

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Basic Bible Seminar, Moli Pastoral Center


“We are builders of our small Christian Communities.”









“It is fitting and challenging for all of us to be reminded of our baptismal and Christian responsibilities as builders of our small Christian Communities in our society. Our community growth depends on our concern for one another and seeing the problems that needs to be addressed.”


This were the challenging words echoed to the thirty (30) participants, representing Nila, Moli, Sirovanga, Wagina, Gizo, Noro and Voruvoru Parishes of the Catholic Diocese of Gizo during the workshop on “ Building Small Christian Community” at the Pastoral Centre., Moli from 9 – 14 May, 2011.


The training workshop was facilitated by Moses Poqeava, the Diocesan Bible Apostolate Coordinator and ably assisted by Fr. Gabriel Matotewa, Jerome Kuibatu, George Pitatu and Joseph Lalaubatu.


The one week’s training was to live and relive an experience of community spirituality in order to deepen one’s own faith and commitment to the renewal of the Church. Participants were also challenged to recall their own community way of life and propose actions in building a community that reflects and live the life of the Gospel.


Participants were told that, first and fundamental challenge and the first step forward for building a Christian Community is about personal renewal and conversion. Unless each one of us make or take stock of all our negativities, personal resistances and decide likewise to opt for better future, our community that we aspire to renew and form will never happen.


Some main sessions covered includes; we are brothers and sisters in Christ, what makes us one, building our Christian community, if we all use our talents we grow together, when we do things together we wake up, self reliance gives dignity, the place of Gospel sharing groups in the Church, staying together.


Throughout each morning of the week, participants were able to share and experience the ‘seven steps’ method of Gospel Sharing. This formed the main part of building small Christian community in which the participants were encouraged to make it as part of their daily life.


Manual handbooks on Building Small Christian Community was given to all participants and were asked to returned with an action plan to begin calling meetings in their communities and Parish as well.

Diocesan Pastoral team acknowledged the great support given by the communities of Moli Parish and the Pastoral Centre staff.


May we all journey together and build our community in the light of God’s Word, living and alive in our hearts.




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