Diocese of Gizo Ordain 1st Permanent Deacon.

The Catholic Diocese of Gizo has ordained its first Permanent Deacon (PD) at St. Peters Cathedral Gizo during the Cathedral’s feast day on the 2nd Sunday of July 2023.

He is Jerome Kuibatu who is a current pastoral coordinator for the Diocese of Gizo whom has been welcomed at the Altar to serve the priests.


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Nusabaruku Target Fundraising Successful at the  end of July. 

An ongoing fundraising drive has successful at the end of  July last month with the money raised up to more than $16,000.00 at Nusabaruku. Under the umbrella of Gizo parish; Nusabaruku Catholic community had to pull up its socks and started paying off the dues as required by all Catholic community zones, in and around Gizo parish.

smart      smart

Nusabaruku Catholic community being one of the zones that make up the Gizo parish community would need to pay an annual contribution of $7,000.00.

This in mind, including other commitment for our Catholic community in Nusabaruku the church and missionaries – the community split into 3 groups, having their own leaders, to do fundraisings through the month – and the outcome of their fundraise efforts to be publicly announced at the end of the month. With the little drama, this to show appreciation to the team that raised the highest funds.

I hope that this would ignite a spirit of competiveness, and thus boost morale in fundraising.

Fundraising includes contributions, Bobo night, card games, and sales of cooked and uncooked foods throughout the month.

Next day, the new month that was on Sunday 1 August after the Holy Mass celebration, the fundraising committee announced the wining group. The highest raised funds to be crowned, and have the privilege of first serve at the table.

Total raised was $16,913.00 and the group ranking as follows;

Group 3 (Anthony’s group) $7,381.00

Group 2 (Naou’s group) $5,020.00

Group 1 (Tomas’s group) $4,512.00

The committee has convey their sincerely thanks to the participating teams and more so to their friends and supporters for their generosity in help they rendered.

They said that their parish contribution could now be settle.


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Solomon Heart made in Italy Celebrated Golden Jubilee’

By Nascia Pae Catholic Communication Gizo Diocese Western Province

Bishop Luciano Capelli sdb celebrated his golden anniversary as a Professed Salesian of Don Bosco on August 16, and renewed his vows to God in front of his church community… in front of three nice and tasty cakes

Bishop Capelli sdb Catholic Diocese of Gizo

Visibly touched and emotionally moved he prayed the formula of Salesian Religious Profession. The bishop later explained that he has never felt so emotional in his life as he renewed the same commitment to God which he made 50 years ago. “At that time I did not know what I would face, now I know and therefore this renewal is more meaningful and complete even if done in a very simple and informal way… I promised gain like don Bosco to give my life to the last breath for my flock… how can you not be emotional about it?”

Bishop Luciano Capelli was born in Tirano (So) Italy on October 19th, 1947.

 From 1965—1971 he was in the philippines. He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Education—philosophy studies in 1968, work as Biology instructor for Don Bosco Technical College of Engineering in 1969-1970. Then in early 1971 he obtained Perpetual Profession and was a Classical Latin and teacher in Don Bosco Seminary College.

 In 1972 he returned to Italy to study theological studies at Instituto Teologico Sam Tommaso. He was ordained a deacon on December 10, 1974 at Sondrio. He completed his theological studies in 1975 in which he obtained his Bachelor Degree in Theology. He was Ordained a Priest in June 28, 1975 at Cologna di Tirano Sodrio (Italy).

 In 1975 to 1999 he went back to the Philippines. In 1976 to 1977 he was a Youth Center Director for Don Bosco Technical College of Engineering. From 1977- 1982 he became the Spiritual Director for Don Bosco Technical College of Engineering. In 1982 he was Rector for Don Bosco Technical Institute at Tarlac, Philippians.

 From 1985 to 1991, he went for further studies and obtained his Masters Degree in Education at Saint Joseph College of Graduate School, Manila. He was also Rector of Don Bosco Technical College of Engineering.

In 1991 to 1992 Bishop Luciano Capelli was Rector Don Bosco Hall, for the boarding house for University Students in the Philippines. In 1992 to 1993 Bishop Luciano Capelli becomes a provincial council member and from 1993 to 1999 he was the Provincial FIN province for Manila and Papua New Guinea.

He came to the Solomons in 1999, he built and founded and was Rector for Don Bosco Technical Institute at Henderson in Honiara and Don Bosco Rural Training Center and Mini Hjospital at Tetere North East Guadalcanal until 2007.


He was ordained Bishop of Gizo on October 21, 2007by His Eminence Cardinal Joseph Zen—Cardinal of China at Gizo. Over the weekend he celebrated three masses on the 14th Friday he celebrated Mass to mark the open day of the St Peter Training Centre and the Kindergarten rebuilt by him after the Gizo Tsunami and Earthquake of april 2 2007.

Most Rev. Bishop Capelli SDB

He marked 200 years of the Birth of DON Bosco, 15th He celebrated for the Mothers of St Peter Parish and on the 16th he renewed his commitments with a heartfelt speech that made everyone in tears.

Renewing his vows

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Gizo Parish Complete 2 days Parish Assembly

To journey with faith renewal and evangelizing is one of the aims of the St. Peter’s catholic parish of Gizo, to live and experience in lives, true acts of Justice and Peace with brothers and sisters and the nature around.

And this weekend from the 11th -12th February, thirty participants from the St Peter’s Parish were successfully completed 2 days Parish Pastoral Assembly meeting.


Participants attended were from Gizo outer Island (Rarumana, Simbo, Ranogga), Gizo in and surrounding communities, Teachers, Parish staffs and Parish priest, Religious, Diocesan staffs and the Bishop of the Catholic diocese of Gizo.

The Assembly includes parish evaluation reports, parish pastoral plans, parish pastoral structures review and improvement and the election of the new parish pastoral council executive.

During the opening, the Bishop of the diocese of Gizo, gave his opening remarks which guide the participants to focus on the sessions provided, this gave participants to determine some of the important questions and answers.

Similar programs will be conducted to other parishes around the catholic diocese of Gizo.

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St Peter's Vocational School Opens

St Peter's girls students with staffs St. Peter's Building- Kindy(below) & Vocational(upper)

The Catholic Diocese of Gizo has its privileged to begin classes for young girls around Gizo this 16th August 2010 here in St. Peters Cathedral Gizo.

 During the opening the students were welcomed and encouraged by the Diocesan staffs, Parish priest and Religious sisters.

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Opening Remarks  By Bp LucianoOpening Remarks By Bp LucianoMen’s training on the Social teaching of the Catholic Church was conducted at Gizo pastoral centre, diocese of Gizo, from the 1st to the 5th of October, 2014. Thirty one (31) men from the parishes within the diocese of Gizo Six of Our brothers from other denomination attended the training.


This training was facilitated by a visiting lecturer, Fr. Philip Gibbs, an SVD priest who works under the Bishops conference of Papua New Guinea and SI on social concern. He’s been travelling a lot to various dioceses of Papua New Guinea helping our men and empowers them to use their power for the common good. This applies to the family, community, church and the nation at large.John AlikiJohn Aliki

The participants really expressed their sincere gratitude to Father Gibbs. They exclaimed that this training is an eye opener for them as men. As men leaders of the family, community does not mean to over power the others, but to use our leadership power to serve others. As we are all created in the image and likeness of God.

On the last day of the training, participants had made their commitment to continue make the awareness and be agent of social concern in the family and the community.

As the national election is coming closer, let us look for the wise leader who could address our concern in the parliament. Let us go for the candidates whom we know his or her way of life. The candidates who values people first, not material things. Candidate who can provide service for the common Good, not for his or her own interest.

During sessons

At the closing dinner bishop Luciano, thanked Fr. Philip Gibbs for his profound knowledge which he shared with the men of his diocese with regard to the social teachings of the Catholic Church. The bp encouraged the participants to live the message. Only then we can make a change of our attitudes and behaviours which so many times are the caused of disharmony in our families, and as well as in the communities.

Thank you fr. Gibbs, hopefully we will invite you again to come and help us. May the God of joy and peace continue to direct you and strengthen you in your work?

Nascia Pae



Diocesan Pastoral Coordinator, Jerome K and Fr Phillip Gibbs
Diocesan Pastoral Coordinator, Jerome K and Fr Phillip Gibbs


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17 kindergarten teachers from the Catholic Diocese of Gizo,attended a three (3) days Resource Making workshop in Gizo.



The seven schools are as follow:

St.Peter Gizo

St.Marcellin Vanga

St.Eusebius Noro

Sacred Heart Wagina

St. John Bosco Nila

Luciano Capelli Kindy Petunia (Rarumana)

St. Margaret Canaan (Kohiqo


Areas covered at the workshop were as follow (a) Importance of the growth and development of the child (b) Proper nutrition for the growing child( c) how to help children to build their self-image and basic hygiene (d) Importance of games (e) How to facilitate children’s thinking (e) Developing games which related to cognitive development e.g. memory games, domino games, seriating games, logic and different modes classification plus other construction games.(How to encourage language development in children using different modes.

In the afternoon the teachers engaged in playing children's games e.g domino games, classification games, Bingo games, memory games, puzzles and the rest of the afternoon they made resources to take back to their Kindergarten.”This is the first workshop I attended and it will help me a lot to make the children to think for themselves, commented one of the participants.”

The workshop was facilitated by the two Italian Volunteers, Ms Paula Besta and Caterina Zaffignani assisted by the Education Secretary,Wryne Bennett.

On the fourth day , Thursday 25thSeptember, Rev. Bishop Luciano Capelli; sdb, officially presented the ECE Introductory Certificate to the 12 ECE teachers who had successfully completed the Field Based Training course at the end of 2013.It was a joyous day for those teachers who received their certificate. The Bishop encouraged them to continue the good work and promised them his continuous support in this field.


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Action at the Kindergarten

In the Gizo catholic diocesan  development program, the registration and upgrading of all kindergartens has a privileged place.
The KINDERGARDENS give the church an opportunity to meet young couples and help them to grow in their marriage relationship and in their duty to raise their children as good Christians and honest citizens...
The first of the kindergartens to be rehabilitated is the Saint Peter Parish Kindergarten, damaged by the tsunami and earthquake... The rising sea level and the frequent flooding has made the rebuilding a true necessity and priority for the people of Gizo.
In a ceremony this morning after the Sunday Eucharist, the ground breaking and laying of the cornerstone took place after the blessing of the ground.
The kindy now has a regular enrollment of a 100 students but could easily double its population as a result of the restructuring project.
The kindy teachers are undergoing qualification at the SICHE right now.
At the same time, several visiting volunteers will take care of the last touches of the church building: flooring, light and sound system...
The child Jesus will have a decent place to be born this year at Gizo and the children, his favorite friends will also have a place they can call their own...at the renewed St Peter's Kindy.

The catholic church at Gizo is happy to give its cooperation to all other churches to make Gizo a beautiful place to be...conducive to learning and growing as a committed community


Bishop Luciano Capelli, SDB
Gizo, Western Province
(677) 94945 / 60265 / fax 60121



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