Sunday School Retreat, Gizo Parish.



On the 17th of march there were about 80 children coming from all hidden corners of St Peter the apostle parish Gizo to have attend their first ever spiritual communitarian retreat at Loga .





The day begins with a brief introduction to a community way of life by fr. Stephen Kamoa OP. In his opening remark Fr. Kamoa talked to the children about the importance of having a community way of life in their homes by emphasizing the importance of seen each other as their brothers and sister.




The session began with an open question about what is a Christian community and how best can we as the Catholic children build a strong Christian community in our homes. Enough time was allocated for the children to reflect and meditate on the question, the discussing was fantastic and full of excitement as one can notice in the face of the children.


Then followed a short presentation from each group leaders, the inputs were encouraging and convincing, Br. Augustine a deacon to be and Jerome our diocesan pastoral coordinator encourage the children to build a strong relationship with the Lord and with one another by living up to the values that they had shared and talked about.


It has been an enjoyable for the children to meet each other and be close to the lord was the experience they encountered during the day was the comments of the children who attended the retreat. fr. Stephen Te’e the acting parish administrator of st Peter the Apostle parish Gizo appreciated the courage that the children have had to share their vision on different ways of having a strong Christian Community.


A delicious meal was prepared by the facilitators under the supervision of Fatima and Rachael, the Eucharist was celebrated by fr. Stephen Te’e in his homily he encouraged the children to be good to the lord and to become good witnesses through the values that they shared and learned on this retreat.


It was an amazing retreat for all our children they have learnt from each other and felt that they have experienced been close to the lord during the spiritual Communitarian retreat.


The acting parish administrator fr. Stephen Te’e would like to thank his team for their willingness to facilitate the first ever retreat, it has been a wonderful experience for many of our children.


Fr, Te’e would also like to thank the Dominican family particularly Fr, Stephen Kamoa for giving us the opportunity to have this retreat at Loga.

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