Sunday School Retreat, Gizo Parish.



On the 17th of march there were about 80 children coming from all hidden corners of St Peter the apostle parish Gizo to have attend their first ever spiritual communitarian retreat at Loga .





The day begins with a brief introduction to a community way of life by fr. Stephen Kamoa OP. In his opening remark Fr. Kamoa talked to the children about the importance of having a community way of life in their homes by emphasizing the importance of seen each other as their brothers and sister.



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Fr John Tiroko

Newly appointed Parish Priest of St. Peter the Apostle Parish, Gizo. Originally,from Kukutin, Wagina, Choiseul Province.

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New church building needs availability of people.




Catechist caretaker, catechist Mekaio said that they are very proud of their new church buiding that was funded by the benefactors from Italy.


Mr. Mekaio said, they are currently using the small hut for worship which can only house a hand full of worshippers. To have the new church building will certainly cater for the catholic community that makes up more than half of the Nusabaruka population.




He strongly asked the community that their involvement should be more positive, especially if they want their new church to be completed soon.


The completion of the new church building should see an increase in motivation and participation in planning and evaluation, at both parish and diocesan level.


Mr. Mekaio urges Nusabaruku community as a whole to combine their efforts together and help out on this historical event - something for their offspring to talk about and enjoy the benefits.

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New Parish Priest for Gizo reflects on ........

Gizo Diocese has a new Parish Priest. He is Fr Vincent who is originated from Philippines.

Like other Priest from Philippine when asked to write his feelings about his new environment;


Solomon Islands for me is a great and rich country with wonderful people I will liken it to a beautiful garden. A garden wherein the different beautiful color, shapes and sizes of flowers complement each other to make only one garden”…... He said that Solomon is rich in culture and tradition as there are different races and beliefs. Solomon however to prosper we must learn to be a garden.

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Updcth1ate on St. Peter's Cathedral

The St. Peter’s Cathedral building is left untouched since March this year and believed to be on again next month. Especially the fencing and other constructive project like the priest house and fencing the cathedral area etc.

Lt- St. Peters Cathedral.. view from the priest house.


Below- New Priest House


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Niusotiwa Community Raise about Two Thousand.




To raise funds for their new church building was one of their priorities to involve community people into parish activity.


A established community which formed during the 2007 April tsunami have raised certain funds which already involve this community to start off their church project.



About $2,000.00 been raised on the 14th of this month at Nusabaruku village where community there are really supportive.


The fund raising activities involve custom dancing, sales of foods etc. The group is the only alive custom dancing group from Gilbertese here in Gizo area.

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Diocese of Gizo in the Solomon Islands

On the 12th of June 2004, Rebecca and Peter married in St Peter's Cathedral. Rebecca, originally from Moli on the West coast of Choiseul Island, had been working with the Gizo Women's Group in Gizo.wedding1.jpg (54.2kb)

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