Youth Aspire to become Priests


The Diocese of Gizo is celebrating its golden anniversary remembering the gift of faith brought by the Marist Missionaries and established in its communities by the Dominican Order for the past fifty years.

A total of 20 young men aspiring to be priests in the diocese of Gizo are having a one month immersion program at Gizo as part of the celebration.

Seminarians At work...... ...help constructing the youth center.


They include nine Holy Name Seminarians, five NAC Graduates incoming batch of Holy Name seminarians, and six candidates for pre-seminary in NAC lead by newly ordained Fr Stephen Te’e.

The program aims to help the candidates in identifying and acquiring the specified traits of the identity of the Catholic priest as specified in the Formation Program for PNG and SI seminarians.

In particular the seminarians will be trained on hard work and sacrifice as the best expression of their inner motivation to love and serve God and the community.
They were engaged in various work and development undertakings in Gizo as part of the program.

The youths will learn skills and values which will enable them to serve and train the youth of their communities.

This year’s batch has been described as more improved and committed than the previous years.

A statement from the group’s superiors say the group is among the first “diocesan secular priests” after the missionaries and the Dominican Order.

“They feel they have a responsibility of building a credible image for the diocesan priest, servant leader of the community, we are with them with our encouragement and support.

“We do not need “many” priests, we need “holy”, credible, sacrificed priests, close to God and close to the people they lead,  with humble, courageous and generous service.”

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BBS Training Seminar Motivates More Youths





Participants on Planning  


   Participants Group Photo


Children Preparing Fish for the Partcipants


31 participated in the 10 days Bible Seminar from 1st to 10th July at Moli Pastoral Center. The program included youth and elders. Many of our youth were privileged to observe and learn from the elder participants and the facilitators.


During sessions, discussions and sharings, many were motivated and more of the youth now have courage to share their views and opinions.

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Youth Leadership Seminar






Thirty Nine Youth leaders from Parishes around the Diocese of Gizo attended the week training Seminar here in Gizo Parish. The program commenced on the 22nd March, with the introduction from participants and warm welcomes from the Parish Priest, Bishop and the facilitators.

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auinatanuqu-apostolagestudentfromnacAre our young people leaving the church?

To share the great dominant experience in life especially for the young people is very helpful.
It is not the youth who are going away from the church,but the church is going away from the youths.The church is slow to understand their tastes and ambitions,dreams and visions,and their ways and means.It has maintained a safe distance from youth and never trusted their fully.In fact the youths are trying to come closer to the church,but their closeness is suspiciously watched by their parents of the church as too radical and difficult. 

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godfreyvagasiLife is a journey

GODFREY VAGASI hails from Moli parish and the 1st of the 2 children of Lupomusi Agata. As a child,he grew up and was taken in care by his grandparents till he attended Choiseul Provincial Secondary School.

However,for Godfrey, life seems difficult for him,especially as he had  to depend much on his grandparent, who were too old to finance him at school. Enough is possible said Godfrey,and with the help of his uncles and relatives he managed to complete his Form 5 Secondary.

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Youth Encounter Workshop held in Noro township


27 youths from 5 Parishes, Gizo Diocese successfully attend the 2nd Youth Encounters Workshop, started on 6th to 11th May, aiming to train Youths on how to facilitate the Y.E’s program so that they maybe able to form other youths in their Parish. The Workshop had 12 sessions and Youths have the opportunity to prepared their own sessions for presentation as part of their training skills “ Congratulation” for taking the courage to stand in front of the audience.

The Y.E’s Workshop was facilitated by Fr. Gerome Pelagio and assisted by Joseph Lalaubatu, Sr. Teresa, Sr. Hilder Ebo, Fr. Albert and Fr. Jacob.

The closing program was fall on the Pentecost Sunday which all community gather for thanks given and celebration Mass.

Noro community hosted a feast to end the activities. A great sincerely thanks to our Bishop Luciano Capelli for his availability to attend the closing program. He’s presence highlighted our closing and we thanked him in a very special way for his inspiring message of Love and hope for our young people. Thanks to Noro community for their great support for this program.


Sr. Teresa op

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Reconciliation and Farewell picnic

On Sunday 14th September was a Reconciliation and Farewell picnic for St. Peter’s Youth at Nusatupe Island.

Gizo Youth PicnicThe activity was organized by Sr. Teresa Tebaia op, assisted by Br. Johnson op and was masted by Br. Pau; Cheka op.
More than 20 youth joined in and most likely to bring back all the old members and new once together as one after being apart for more than 2 months, since the World Youth Day in Sydney.

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Young men on a mission 


Come and see (above)

Young men on the mission.

A “come and see” program was held early this year.18 young people from our parishes joined in and at the final 12 young people are now doing their study for pre-seminary at NAC, Tenaru. This office understands that the “come and see” seminar commenced on 7th-14th January 2008. The seminar was facilitated by Bishop Luciano Capelli sdb and Fr Gerome.

By Rellysdom Malakana


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