Italian Youth 2nd Youth Visit to the Diocese of Gizo


To make the Church young and alive was one of the principal aim of the Catholic Diocese of Gizo while working closely with the young people of the diocese.




Last year on July 2011 youth pastoral team from Pedrengo Parish, Bergamo, Italy were here to set up our youth center, exchange views and experience among the youths around the diocese. 




T his week on Wednesday the 25th of July five Italian youths were  welcomed and well received by  the St. Peter’s youth, diocesan staff, and students of St. Peter’s urban training center, the parish priest and the Bishop of the Catholic diocese of Gizo.


This will be their second visitation to the diocese of Gizo mainly to train youths to take up leadership and reset youth centers, to bring alive youth activities and to run well the youth program in the diocese.


Their coming really bring excitement to the little ones as more of them were involved much on activities provided by the visiting youths.


Their visitation also brings challenges to youths to take up leadership in their community

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