St. Peters Sunday school Weekend Rally

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12th to 14th November was one excited Rally for the Sunday school children of the St. Peters Catholic parish Gizo.

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A weekend Rally that benefited the children allows them to develop their self-confidence, independence, and self-esteem.

The Rally commenced on Friday 12 November in the evening where about 70 children turned up to participate.

On day 2 Thanksgiving Mass was celebrated followed by an orientation activity, and groups and their leaders formed for the indoor and outdoor activities for the 3 days.

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During daybreak, children awaken by the sound of the bell for washing, and then to a small pray to begin the Zumba dancing exercises along with the sound of the music to waken them and prepare them for the day activities.

Highlights were speakers from each group who based their talks on the theme; “Come my children, listen to me, I will teach you to honor the Lord” which is the quotation from Psalm 34:11.

The parish priest Fr. Lawrence Kimaere also urged parents to help their children be close to the church and asked the children to pray always.

The second-day program was a physical activity where they were escorted to the JFK stadium for games, and during the night was a king and queen show competition.

And on Sunday they celebrated their Thanksgiving Mass on the island where parents and guidance accompanied them.

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Coordinating the Rally are Religious Sister from the Salesians, also assisted by Sunday school teachers and the Seminarians.

The program ended successfully at 5 pm late afternoon.

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