St. Eusebius Noro Celebrate World Day of Disabilities.

Noro Key People with Disabilities
Saint Louis Guanella is alive on Solomon Island.  He says that Holiness will save the world. The charity of Christ urges us in 2 cor 5:14.  It is a joy and a celebration of life with a special day for persons with disabilities.

We the Guanellians from St. Eusebius Catholic parish celebrated joyfully the third time the world day of persons with disabilities. St. Louis Guanella always gives a special place in his heart for the least brothers and sisters in society. The celebration was held on December 4th, 2021, though, the world recognizes and celebrates every December 3rd.

There were 55 special persons with disabilities who attended this program. These special children were from Noro, Munda, Canaan, and Rawaki villages in the region of new Georgia and kohingo Islands. The program for children was begun with a warm welcome for them that goes along with the garlanding.

The presence of parents and parishioners made it a more joyful event. The chief guest was Mr. David from Noro former town Clark explained the importance and dignity of special people. It is our duty to love everyone because God has created all in his own image and likeness.

The Guanellian motto “give bread and the Lord to everybody” is the summary of what the Pope puts as the foundation for all human beings, no matter what their state of life and health be. Our children, our old persons are the beneficiaries of this renewed effort encouraged by the Pope in the church. They are the category of brethren that the Lord has entrusted to our care to help them become aware of the value of their dignity as children of God, and to announce to the world the sacredness of every human life and the right for every person to live, though limited, to be recognized.

The third paragraph of No 64 of our Constitution is very beautiful: “We are sent to the poor without distinction of race, nationality or religion, and with even greater urgency, 80 Guanellian consecrated life the more vulnerable they are in their human dignity, and in their dignity as children of God” (C. 64). Therefore, it is a mission, we are going not because of special sensitivity, but because we are sent by Him, by the Lord to whom we consecrated everything of our existence. 

Our beloved parishioners have witnessed this charitable act toward the needy brethren. The dream of our beloved founder, is the need to celebrate any function with the participation of the laity.

We have initiated the Guanella Good Samaritan group. This Good Samaritan group has taken many efforts to be a successful program.

There were special entertainment programs performed for special children. Some of the special children have also performed the singing and dancing items.  All the special children received their presents as a Christmas gift. Ultimately, the special program for people with disabilities was a witness of faith alive in action episodes here at Noro. The charity of Christ is spreading to all the corners of the earth through the spirit of St. Louis Guanella with the Good Samaritan approach.

“In difficult times, strong friends of God are needed, to support the weak” (St. Theresa of Avila).

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