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Text needed in multiple programs: Let's say you want to type the text of an article which will be used on the web and in the Parish Bulletin. The BEST way is to type the document straight into the web editor. Then when finished, before inserting photos etc, highlight all of it and press "Ctrl C" on your keyboard to copy it. Then you can use "Control V" to paste it into a different program such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Freehand (et al).

Alternatively, type the document in simple text with no formatting other than capital letters, full stops and maybe line breaks. For instance, a simple email "compose" window would be okay or you could use Microsoft "Notepad" or "Wordpad" providing you save the information as a text (.txt) file. Then when finished, highlight it all, select "copy" or type "Control C" to copy the text. You can then use "Control V" to paste it into another program and/or into the web editor. On an Apple, the "Command" key is usually used instead of "Control".

Getting back to your document. Let's assume you saved your article but wish to make some changes. Because the article is not yet published, you will have to wait until it is published. Then use the search facility on the web site to find it. Just click search (top right) and enter some keywords (you did enter some didn't you?) Alternatively, you could enter the  Category. Once you find it you can click the edit button at the bottom left to get back into the editor.

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