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Location: Where will your article be published? Some articles spend a short while on the front page. Others "live" under a Ministery or another menu item on the web site. To a large extent, articles will be placed depending upon the Category and will appear on the Front Page if the Featured check box is ticked. Note that you can also define a lifetime for an article so that publishing starts and stops on different times/dates.

Saving the document: Please do not go away and leave your document half finished- finish it and press the "Save" button near the top! There is nothing worse than a power failure or some other mishap and then having to re-do all that work a second time! When your document is saved, you will see a message like the following. After checking the document will be published. If you want to re-edit your article, you can go to the main menu, "What's on", then "Latest Articles". Click your article and then the small "Edit" icon towards the bottom left. If it is a while since you prepared your article, you could use the Search function from the top menu to find it. You did enter some keywords didn't you?


Copy/Paste. You can use Copy/Paste but on some web browsers you need to use the following keys rather than a menu item or a mouse button:

  • Ctrl-C This copies a section of highlighted text (or photo in the web editor).
  • Ctrl-X This cuts a section of highlighted text/photo. Remember to paste it somewhere else ASAP if you do not want to lose it!
  • Ctrl-V This pastes something that was copied or cut.

Getting text from another program. As mentioned, this is not the best way to do things because you end up with LOTS of useless invisible "garbage" in the document which can cause it to do strange things. Documents from Word Processing packages like Microsoft Word are particularly bad and can cause the article to be three times bigger than it need be.

If you already have a typed document, you CAN copy/paste it straight into the web editor. If it is a Microsoft Word (.doc file format) you can highlight what you want, do "Copy" from the edit menu and then when in the web editor, you can paste it. Click the icon two to the right of the scissors icon (it is labelled "Paste" when you hover the mouse over it).  Then use ctrl-V to paste into the window which pops up then insert will place it at your mouse location in your article.

You can use the same technique from plain text (eg from an email). However, you click the icon with a "T" on it ("Paste as Plain Text") or just paste it into the body of the article.

You can also use the  powerful and free "OpenOffice" package (which is also highly Microsoft compatible). Just open your document and then do "Save as" and use "html format". Once saved in that format, you can just copy and paste directly into the web editor with quite good results. With the latest versions of Microsoft Word, you can probably also do the same. You can alsopaste text from "formatted" or "HTML formatted" emails directly into the editor window. Then highlight it and click the Eraser icon just to the right of the "Styles" drop down menu on the top row of icons.


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