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Final steps: Now, we are going to setup the final things. Please click on the "Publishing" link towards the top centre of the edit window.

All articles should be in a "Category". New  categories might be required and you can contact me to create them.  If in doubt, do not allocate them (by leaving the default) and we will sort it out when the article is published. Please select the Category/subcategory for the article.

set art category

Note that you can add an "Alias" if you are submitting the article on behalf of someone else.

Another important area to fill in is a brief description of the article and what are called "keywords". Keywords allow people to search (e.g. using Google or Yahoo or some other search engine) for articles. Your list of keywords should contain from one to a maximum of 12 keywords. They should be single words separated by commas. Choose words that are descriptive of your article's content. You set these by clicking the "Metadata" link towards the top right.

typical metadata info


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