Gizo Catholic Youth Celebrate WYD 2013.


A three days youth rally was organized by the Gizo catholic youth, parallel to the world youth day event celebrated at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by Pope Francis and youth representatives, from all over the world. Various outer Islands were represented and, participants, challenged to echo the experience back in their island communities





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The events included topics and activities to enable the youth to discover their uniqueness and express their views and commitment to face the challenges and pressure of today's modern world. Various speakers reflected on different topics relevant to the yearly theme" go and make disciples of all nations"


The challenge of youth holiness, community involvement and commitment among their peers in the process of renewing evangelization has been properly emphasized interiorized and accepted.

The youth were able to verbalize their fears and their hopes, they enjoyed being together, they faced their weaknesses and renewed their commitment to God and to each other, they expressed their joy of being together through songs, dances, and role playing activities.... Staying together, praying together, sharing food and experiences made them closer to each other and stronger in facing the many challenges of life.

The same experience has been organized also at various parts of the diocese in the other 6 parish communities of Nila, Waghina,
Moli, Sirovanga, VoruVoru and Noro.

How great to see the same youth who have been involved in street fights all involved in a process of renewal!!! Indeed there is hope for Gizo youth...

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