Family Life Apostolate



The Diocesan Catholic Family life apostolate envisions contributing to the Evangelization process by making every effort towards the total development of Christian Families so the become the domestic church alive in Christ


It is our strong belief to contribute through this office to the evangelization process by way of reaching out to all the couples to see, know and acknowledge our being as Christians in the way we live and bear witness. It is our dream that we do the utmost we can to support our family unit through teaching to counter the social hills that interfere with the truth in evangelization



We commit ourselves through the promulgation of the Christian values making families aware of essential issues through the preparation of community Christian Family leaders; organization of seminars, retreats and public events; publication of teaching materials; training of people win the associate fields and networking with the secretaries of the catholic bishops conference, other churches, Government agencies and NGO’s


Families alive in Christ

We are committed to implement the PNG-SI

Episcopal Conference Pastoral Plan 2006-2010

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Family Life Apostolate Programs Continue



Family Life Apostolate (FLA) team facilitators have successfully continuing its programs of activities this year 2010. The program now reached its mid year, and believed to have four or five activities until the end of this year.


The Family Life Coordinator, Sr. Rita Pitavavine OP urged every families to enable them to live their evangelizing role. She said that they must be empowered to face the challenges of the gospel in all levels of life. Faith formation focusing on conversion, repentance, and Christian patterns of relating needs to be planned and facilitated. She stated that evangelization challenges the Christian families to recognize the implications of their baptismal call, to commit themselves to reconciliation, and to share their faith.


During the Women’s Rally last year many women in the parishes suggested for betterment of their physical aspects following the abuse made by many husbands. This issue was one of the major circumstances which family life office is still carry out the implementation of their project. This includes the “Hey Dad!!” project which came to alive this year.


Women discussing some of their Recommendations Nila Clinic that Serve most Parish in Nila


However, the women of the Diocese of Gizo urged also the FLA office to carry out its activity to the provincial clinics that been set up around the diocese. This set ups encouraged catholic mothers to used Contraceptive device methods as to space their family.

For another next 6 months the FLA office will continue its new activities which will be on Ovulation and the Moral teaching of the church. This may enable them to space their own family and to learn some of the important out-puts on moral issues.


A Poster Display to use Condoms at Nila Clinic

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Diocese of Gizo in the Solomon Islands

The Diocese of Gizo offers two programmes of Marriage Education- "Strongem Yufala Long Love".

One programme is intended for young people and those not currently in a commmitted relationship. It is a chance for those not yet married to consider the nature of Marriage and the commitment it requires.It may also help participants to think about the type of qualities that may be important for them in a future marriage.

The second programme is for committed couples before they are married. It gives an opportunity for the couple to discuss aspects of their relationship, to clarify their understanding of the Sacrament of Matrimony, and to learn skills such as communication and problem solving which will be important in the years to come. Both programmes last for eight sessions, each of about an hour long. The sessions can be spread over several weeks or can be done during a weekend. Leaders are married people from each local community.

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MAST Program 2009

Through the kind invitation of Bishop Christopher Cardone OP, Bishop of Auki Diocese, two Marianist Brothers from New York have come to the Solomon Islands each year since 2003 for the MAST Program. The aim of the MAST Program is to offer spiritual and professional formation to Catholic teachers and education and encouragement for Catholic youth in the three dioceses of the Solomon Islands.

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MAST Program

This year makes the sixth year for the Marianist Brothers coming to the Solomon Islands to run their program  for teachers, catechists and Sunday School teachers. This year, Bro.John Sandrowicz, S.M. makes his first visit to the Solomons. Bro. Roger Poletti, S.M. was here in 2006 and is this years’ coordinator for the MAST Program. Bro.Timothy Driscoll, S.M., who has coordinated the last 5 MAST Programs was leading the Marianist Pilgrimage to World Youth Day in Sydney with 150 students coming from the 2 Marianist schools in New York.


Br Roger and Br John

MAST is an acronym for Marianist Apostolic & Spiritual Training.The brothers focus on making teachers aware that they are a real catalyst for spreading the Gospel of Christ in their classrooms,villages,and communities.Therefore,time is spent building up those pillars of the faith that will strengthen them as Catholic educators.

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Pace e Bene Workshop


Participants pace e bene workshop

Pace e bene workshop

For the first of its kind to have such workshop, Gizo diocese is among diocese of Auki and archdiocese of Honiara to benefit from Pace e bene program, Australia.The Program, from violence to wholeness is a ten part process in the spirituality and practice of active nonviolence. Formed by a small group of Franciscans and others in 1989, Pace e Bene is a growing community representing a diversity of spiritual traditions and cultural backgrounds that networks with nonviolence practitioners in many parts of the world.

Through trainings, strategic consultation, or joint action, Pace e Bene collaborates with international, national, and local organizations, religious communities, and movements taking nonviolent action to: foster just and lasting peace; champion human rights; challenge the violence of poverty and multiple forms of oppression; and strengthening spiritually-based initiatives for justice and peace.

20 participants from Noro, Canaan and around Gizo were participated for the train of trainers program. The workshop which started on 10th till 13th April was containing group discussions, sharings, role plays and presentations.

Was facilitated by Brenda Mckeagu & Caroline Cooper from Australia, were then encouraged every trainers to be committed. ….. “We don’t try to be expected but try to be facilitators”… During discussion participants are also encouraged each other for better planning to carry out the programs. “Building nonviolence community is focusing our diocesan aim that is solidarity; this workshop is a great priority to participants. Nonviolence is open up us to rediscover ourselves, our cultures and our Jesus” Said Joseph our diocesan coordinator.

The program was funded by Caritas Solomon under the cooperation agreement

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