Hundreds witness Anniversary Celebration of Rev. Bp. Luciano Capelli sdb dd.

St. Peter’s Parish celebrated the 10th Anniversary Episcopal Ordination of Bishop Luciano Capelli sdb on the 22 October Sunday this weekend at St. Peter’s Cathedral Gizo.
          The anniversary commenced with the Thanksgiving Mass, which involved everyone especially the children and the youths who took turn to lead the liturgy.

After the Mass, a feast was prepared for everyone including the public who came to witness the occasion.
After the feast, church and community leaders had the opportunity to thank and appreciate each other, and congratulate the Bishop for his 10th Anniversary as bishop for the diocese of Gizo.
          Bishop L Capelli sdb reminded the participants of the development of these past 10 years of the post-earth quake and tsunami reconstruction mentioning the structures done one by one reminding the participants that for him each structure has been in the plan of God a is gift from God with a mission to be accomplished
          It was indeed a very colorful and a successful celebration, which brought in visitors from other nearby islands as far as Ranongga, Kolobangara and Vella la Vella.
          The Bishop who made it to his 10th year as bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Gizo described his Anniversary celebration as very meaningful and beautiful, involving youths and children to make the occasion truly a memorable and special one.
          Our Bishop who is in his 70 also celebrated his birthday anniversary on the 19th of October with all parish priests at the Bethania formation center.

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