Parish activities, getting in little by little. 

Wagina Island has recorded several positive cases during the outbreak since the community outbreak in their province. More have recovered and now they started to focus ahead on their normal parish activities.

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The parish priest from the Sacred Heart of Jesus parish Wagina has confirmed that some people who isolated themselves on the islands are coming back.

During an interview with the media office here in the diocese, the parish priest Fr. Humberto said that now the parishioners are thinking to get back to their normal situation as before, if possible.

He thanked God that they are coming up little by little with their church activities like women’s groups, youth activities, liturgy, catechism, and classes for confirmation.

He further clarified that having the diocesan programs in our parish may depend mainly on the availability of parishioners as few others are not coming back from the island. However, others are involved and help in small activities for the church.

Since the number of positive cases decreases on their island, though many put off their masks at home and in public gatherings while attending Mass celebrations control measures are encouraged like wearing masks to protect everyone from covid19 virus, said Father Humberto

He also said that after Easter they resume classes for kindergarten after having a  meeting with the key people in the community and the teachers.

The Diocese has information from that parish that most of the parishioners are fishermen and seaweed farmers. However, during an interview, the parish priest said that others have learned a lot during the covid19 outbreak.

Now others started to involve in gardening and motivated others to sustain them if another virus may prevent tradings between their Island.

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