Diocese of Gizo in the Solomon Islands

The Diocese of Gizo offers two programmes of Marriage Education- "Strongem Yufala Long Love".

One programme is intended for young people and those not currently in a commmitted relationship. It is a chance for those not yet married to consider the nature of Marriage and the commitment it requires.It may also help participants to think about the type of qualities that may be important for them in a future marriage.

The second programme is for committed couples before they are married. It gives an opportunity for the couple to discuss aspects of their relationship, to clarify their understanding of the Sacrament of Matrimony, and to learn skills such as communication and problem solving which will be important in the years to come. Both programmes last for eight sessions, each of about an hour long. The sessions can be spread over several weeks or can be done during a weekend. Leaders are married people from each local community.

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