Education for Life Reflections

Anthony Pataqolomo
(Chairman Moli Parish)

The Education For life (E4L) lead us to identify what I call we are belong to a polluted community. Gambling, Home brewing, sales and consuming these substances was the root cause of other problems which rose in our communities in Moli. The E4L really touched the areas which ignored but came to identified during the 9 sessions of the program.
The program really challenged us to put a stop some of the root cause of the problems raising in our community that caused disturbance to other programs ran by the diocese.


(Moli Parish)


We are caught by these sessions. The sessions really got us right deep within us by telling the story and with honestly we admitted that we did all disturbances which are ignored by some of our elders in the community.
To carry out such problem may challenged our people. Especially for some leaders in other community who are involving in gambling and consuming this substances, this may bring in excuse to others but we will work together to bring these problems to an end.

Arnold Arabatu
( Moli Youth )


For Education for Life (E4L) is a very powerful Seminar for the community to tackle the problems affecting the villages. At the moment I am one of the youth leaders for the past 10 years, but not recognising my life's journey as a leader in the youth ministry. Now when attending the E4L Seminar I am feeling that I am not stable in my leadership for helping the youths to change. But when attending the E4L seminar, the bullet really hits my heart; in order to make others change, we need to change first before changing others and a tool to make other change is only receiving Jesus Christ.
Yeah!! We need our community to identify some of the positive steps to tackle issues that keep us disturb since the introduction of gambling's and home brewing way back since early 90’s.
We need, Change of life style then we can prevent the HIV virus in our community. It is a preventable disease and can be prevented if we adopted the Holistic approach.
Abstinence, Be faithful and Change of life style, our attitudes and behaviours.


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