Training Formation (Education for Life)education_for_life_participants_with_facilitators


5 participants who attending the Education for Life (E4L) workshop were selected out from the 26 participants. Participant were from Nusabaruku, Mile 3 and Sitokava camp and Gizo. This was the first E4L workshop held around Gizo Island and it was the opportunity to identify some of the youths who left secondary school and were originated on Gizo Island. The program was facilitated by the Media & E4L office with the help of Sr.Teresa. The program commenced on the 12 till 16th July.

The 4 days E4L program brought some of the motivations that each group has the skill to form their own educational role plays and present it to all participants. Many committed that it was their life  experience that they put into demonstration.

The team will continue to set up programs to keep them confident in giving out awareness before their first seminar workshop at Moli parish (already done). The team will also contribute by implement the E4L program around the Diocese mainly to tackle the issue affecting the community, family, individual

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