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Diocese of Gizo Team During Farewel Mass Celebration. Participants.

Joseph Lalaubatu
(Diocesan Pastoral Coordinator- Catholic Diocese of Gizo.)

“We are the fragrance of Christ.” (2 Corinthians 2:14-16)
“It is fitting and challenging for all of us to remind ourselves that we are the fragrance for the good news of Christ for a better world. In so doing we have to fulfill our baptismal roles and responsibilities as prophets, priests and kings and be a true witness and live the life of Christ.”

This was the challenging message and theme, reflected upon, lived, experienced and discussed at the training of the Diocesan Team of Pastoral Animation at Sivarai Namona Pastoral centre, Bomana in PNG from August 23rd to September 12th 2009. A total of 38 participants from 8 Catholic Dioceses in PNG (6) & SI (Auki & Gizo), consisting of Priests, Religious and lay people attended. 

The training was facilitated by the National team of Community Animation Service of Movement for a Better World based in Rebiamul, Archdiocese of Mt. Hagen, PNG.

The three weeks training was to live an experience of spirituality of communion together in order to deepen our own faith and commitment to the renewal of the Church. To confirm, reaffirm and acquire further insights from our experience in the renewal and to deepen our contemplation of the situation, ideal and journey of our own diocese and come to appreciate that of others.

Participants were told that, first and fundamental challenge and the first step forward for a renewed Church is one’s own personal conviction about personal renewal and conversion. Unless each one of us make or take stock of all our negativities, personal resistances and decide likewise to opt for better future, the Church that we aspire to renew will never be renewed, and the world at large will never be a better world but a bitter world. Our challenge to be the fragrance of Christ is to respond faithfully to our calling; to be Prophets in action; this means to love our local churches as they are, to remember what the Lord has done for each one of us and to initiate personal conversion. To be Priestly people making God present in the world within the spirituality of the Trinity.  And called to Kingly service to transform the world and animate persons to become new persons with new mind, new hopes, new visions and new strategies that allows the animating power of the Holy Spirit to flow and enable us to be the fragrance that gives life.

The training encounter concluded with a pilgrimage journey to Yule Island and Kubuna mission station, the birth places of the Catholic faith in the Papuan region. It was an experience that gives strength and encouragement for all to persevere. Participants were also able to share each diocese’s experiences in the work of renewal with the staff and students of Catholic Theological Institute, Bomana and celebrated holy Eucharist, highlighting the challenges to be the fragrance of Christ in the world. 

May we all journey together and fan into flame the fragrance of God’s Word, living and alive in our hearts. 


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