The Month of Mary Brings Challenge to Many






Procession throught the Street.


Children ready for accompany other groups Loga and Nusabaruku Community with the Statue of Mary.

The month of the Rosary (October) which is the month of our Lady of the Church challenged many Catholic believers to come out and exercise their faith as Catholics.

The procession from water pump area, through the main street of Gizo and to the St. Peter’s Cathedral was one of the unique processing which challenged adults and youths to come up and participate.

Sunday school children took part during the procession. They took part by reciting the rosary. At the cathedral they joined up with other groups to process through the church.

The month of Mary began its launching on the 3rd of October where statues of Mary visits homes till the celebration of its closing on the 31st of October. Similar celebration was done through out other parishes.

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