Hundreds in Noro turn out to witness the Deaconate of Br. Soloko.

Last Sunday on the 6th of August 2017, feast of the parish patron St Eusebius, at Noro Township hundreds turned out to witness the Diaconate ordination of Br. Dominic Soloko. It was witnessed in particular by his own family, his relatives from Waghina Island, Canaan, friends and church communities in Noro.

Deacon Soloko Is escorted by his father
Deacon Soloko Is escorted by his father

Most Rev, Bishop Luciano Capelli sdb was the ordaining bishop. In his homily, Bishop Luciano strongly reminded the candidate deacon to avoid being a deacon too human or too divine or live a double life, sometime human and sometimes divine… He encouraged the deacon to be like Jesus, fully human, close to the people he will serve and fully divine, close to the God he wants to bring the people to by his

Deacon Soloko DominicSoloko Dominic is ordained by Bishop Luciano Capelli sdb
Bishop Luciano challenged Deacon Dominic to give the best he has to the people, and telling him to allow Christ to live in him and to reach out to others

The parishioners from Noro Catholic Church prepared a big lunch for everyone to enjoy. In addition, by late afternoon good entertaining groups from Canaan, Wagina, Goldie College, Biulah PSS and friends from Malaita in Noro performed in front of a big crowd.

Wagina Dancing Group

Malaita culturial dancersMalaita boys cultural dancers

Wagina cultural dancing girls with ordination cakesWagina cultural dancing girls with ordination cakes

Girl dangers from WaginaGirl cultural dangers from Wagina during one of their performance.
Deacon Dominic Soloko described his ordination day as a beautiful and colorful experience. He thanked everyone, especially his family and relatives, and the Bishop who continues supporting him.

The ordination was preceded by a well prepared Confirmations ceremony of 40 candidates from St Eusebius parish held at Canaan on Saturday August 5. 25 candidates from Canaan Community and 15 from Noro community for the first time in history held the ceremony at Canaan together. The St Eusebius parish is becoming alive and united.

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