Women’s group Gizo Celebrate Women’s Jubilee.

More than 60 women’s from the St. Peter’s Parish Gizo Catholic Church celebrated Women’s Jubilee on August Saturday 19th
The theme; “Live and Experience Good Christian and Cultural Values like Mary our Model”
Their program began with the matching parade along the Street of Gizo were many other women from other Denominations congratulated them for their achievement until their 25th Jubilee celebration.

St. Peters Mothers Group during Picture takingSt. Peters Mothers Group during Picture taking
The Matching on the Gizo StreetThe Matching on the Gizo Street
Everlyn Tago Her amputation cannot stop her attendEverlyn Tago Her amputation cannot stop her attend
Following the parade an Eucharist Mass was celebrated with a colorful procession and liturgy led by the Women’s group here in the parish of Gizo.

The main celebrant was Fr. Lawrence Kimaere who focuses his homily on “the Virtues of Mary” the Mother of Jesus. Fr. L. Kimaere op congratulated the mothers to keep alive the Church, community and their family for their commitment as mothers. He reminded them to become like Mary the Mother of Jesus. Fr. Kimaere also affirmed them for their role at home, and take up responsibility where there is any help. He then challenged other mothers to know their role as mothers for a husband and children, and for the Church.

Programs of activities also organized with different speakers, and until Sunday, August 20, more women turn up to celebrated the Eucharistic Mass. Again, Fr. Lawrence challenged the mothers to reach out to other mothers to other Island in the St. Peter’s Parish Gizo, challenging them to get more mothers in the role of Mary the Matron of the Catholic Women in the Diocese of Gizo.

Husbands were also part of the Program Cooking for mothersHusbands were also part of the Program Cooking for mothers
The program also kept the husbands busy preparing catering for the mothers until the successful completion of the 25th Jubilee Celebration on Sunday Afternoon.

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