Women's Strengthening & Listening Skills Training


More Women’s from Kavata, Moli and Wagina were grateful to participated and have the opportunity to attend the Women’s Strengthening and Communications listening Skills Training Program.


womens_participants_kavata womens_participants_wagina
Kavata women's groups during discission Wagina women's group
Daddies with youths Daddies with during reflection

The program continued for two weeks and from two separated venues. From 13th to 17th September, sixty were participated from Kavata and Moli at Sirovanga mission station and from 24th to 26th, Twenty Nine participated at WaginaParish. The seminar includes youths, men’s and women’s from those parish, purposely to strengthening the Women’s programs for these parishes and to listen to youths and fathers, and have the opportunities to develop a positive, cooperative and supportive attitude towards others and have self confidence and gain further develop skills in effective communication.


The theme for the Seminar was “Our Unity together in the Body of Christ”. And each day a message was include on the responsorial psalm during the morning Eucharistic Mass.


On day one, activities were introduced for participants, introductions and getting to know each other with games which may help participant’s to gain self-confidence.


On day two, women’s participants encountered 4 sessions involving them to reflect on the 2009 women’s rally, identified some of their weaknesses, challenges, and strengths and look for possibly ways to overcome some of their weaknesses.


On day three, role plays including demonstrations which really illustrated some of the minor and major barriers to communication. The sessions include Barriers, interpersonal communication, effective listening and two ways of communication.


On day four, participants were involved deeper into discussions and were privileged to learn Communication quality, from level one to level five. They have time to look back to the structures to communication; from dialogue, participation, communication, co-responsibility, communitarian discernment and hope & trust.


And on day five, participants are recapping the four days activities. And were put into their organizations and draft out their three months pastoral plans.


To conclude the program, each participant was given responsibilities to involve into Communication for life; a spiritual activity which everyone has own reflection on their personality. And, during the thanksgiving mass celebration, they were commissioned by the parish priest, which they then encouraged them to walk in the light of Christ.


The Seminar was an opportunity for mothers, fathers and sons to involved giving their own views and possible ways to solve problems arise in the family and community.


For Wagina parish, the program has to fit into 3 days giving extra time so to catch up the sessions provided.


The programs were facilitated by Br. Joseph Talibe op, Joseph Lalaubatu, Rellysdom Malakana, Moses Velomama, Sr. Maria Tom op, Jerome kuibatu and Br. Robert.



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