2021 YE Weekend Complete at St. Eugebius Noro 


This year Youth Encounters (YE) Seminar for the Catholic youths in the Diocese of Gizo has finally come to its completion last weekend 10 October.

The annual program that commenced on July with the facilitators training at Noro and now the YE seminars, took 5 weekends from the month of August until October.

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About 160 youths from the five parishes, (Voruvoru, Taro, Moli, Gizo, and Noro) have benefited from this program. living out three parishes, (Shortland, Sirovanga, and Wagina) which postponed to next year.

The Diocesan youth office is continuing to involve youths to take up YE, as the program involves the youths to encounter themselves with others and Christ. It also involves them to uplift their esteem and dares to speak out.

During day 1 sessions many youths cannot have the courage to speak out in front of other youth participants, and they were very shy. However, towards the end of the seminar, their presentations and discussions came alive.

The program also has feedbacks from parents and key people in the communities saying that such a program is an information that benefited their children, and the key feature was to help them during their struggle to say no to sin. Others said that the help could be involving them in activities such as startups for small income-generating projects for youth clubs, or improving their ongoing sports activities.

Many also thanked the bishop of the Diocese of Gizo for the program who continue working with the benefactors from overseas.

The YE program for the year was coordinate and facilitated by Colody Kalemama from the youth office Gizo, and with assistance from other parish priests, the Media office, and the pastorals.

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