Tuha Community High school Raise funds

Last Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008, the teachers, students and parents of the students of Tuha Community high school raised funds by selling cooked and uncooked foods in2 stalls prepared by students in Nila parish Station.

While the selling was going on, the students perfumed dances and songs to entertain the people who came to attend the Easter celebrations and at the same time to show their support for the school . Miss Junita Buare, the deputy Principal, told the people about the purposes of the fund raising, namely: 1. to raise funds for Lawnmower, sewing machine and the Guitar , 2. to encourage the students develop their personal talents and to make the people aware that their support is needed in running the school. The parish priest, Fr. Gerome Pelagio, thanked the people and encouraged them to continue their support. The school was able to raise SB $8, 409.50

Junita Buare (Nila parish)

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