New church building needs availability of people.




Catechist caretaker, catechist Mekaio said that they are very proud of their new church buiding that was funded by the benefactors from Italy.


Mr. Mekaio said, they are currently using the small hut for worship which can only house a hand full of worshippers. To have the new church building will certainly cater for the catholic community that makes up more than half of the Nusabaruka population.




He strongly asked the community that their involvement should be more positive, especially if they want their new church to be completed soon.


The completion of the new church building should see an increase in motivation and participation in planning and evaluation, at both parish and diocesan level.


Mr. Mekaio urges Nusabaruku community as a whole to combine their efforts together and help out on this historical event - something for their offspring to talk about and enjoy the benefits.

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