Japanese Ambassy Handover New School Building to Catholic Church Gizo

His Excellency Yashuhi Horimoto the Ambassador of Japan to SI and Mrs Horimoto are the guest of honor for the handover of the 2 story building to Vanga RTC, Catholic Diocese of Gizo.

The handover ceremony on the 3rd June 2021 highlights speeches from different speakers who gave their wonderful speeches and appreciations to each other.

IMG 8486      IMG 8418

Ambassador Yashuhi and Bishop Luciano Capelli sdb
officially opens the funded building.                      
                  Rt: The new Vanga 2 story funded building

During speeches Most Rev, Bishop Luciano Capelli sdb says that Vanga Rural Training Center (RTC) has a good history to tell. “It has been a best training center in the country for a long time, until lately,” he said its structure and its management dropped, but the bishop said that the RTC is back with believes and commitment of working partnership with Vanga RTC and Vanga Teachers Collage, and together with their partners from the government; the members of the national association of the rural training centers to be faithful In their (church)   history, in dynamic way.

IMG 8437      IMG 8444

The Ambassador and Bishop Capelli greets each other                        Part of the crowd who wittnessing the opening of the building

Bishop Luciano Capelli said that, not only to repeat history but to rebuild a new and a better history for the future of St. Dominic Vanga RTC.

Guest of Honor His Excellency Y. Horimoto, the Japanese Embassy to SI has expressed his gratitude to witness the completion, opening and the handover of the new 2 story classroom building, and said that Japan has contributed an approximate SBD$621,000 towards the 2 story building.

The Embassador Horimoto also expressed his gratitude to senior teachers and school board members for the completion of the building. He also highly appreciated the contractors who finalize the building to its completion.

Speaking also the Catholic Education Secretary on behave of the Church, Mrs Wryne Bennett, who expressed her joyous gratitude and sincere appreciation to the Japanese government for another generous gift which is to be handed over to her authority.

IMG 8452      IMG 8461

Bishop Luciano Capelli sdb and the Education Secretary Mrs Wryne Bennett during their speech

She also appreciated the Japanese government for the 2 story boys’ dormitory building that was handed to her authority on the 9th of December last year 2020 at Moli, St Joseph Catholic School..

Part of the ceremony are speakers from the; representative from the Provincial Government, Hon Sitcliff George for Ward 26 Gizo/Kolobangara,  Mr Billy Mae SIARVTC Director, Project  Supervisor Mr Lenny and KFPL General Manager Mr Dan Raymond.

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