Italian aviation experts, here to fly the flying bishop on air again.

Enrico and Paolino are the two aviation experts were here to bring the flying bishop fly again.
They were welcomed on the 19th of June at Nusatupe airstrip and commenced working on the next day.
They are here to fix the communication systems which monitor the surrounding of the plane location and other areas, and fixing some of the defaults which ceases up the small sea plane.

Warriors ready for the welcome ceremonyWarriors ready for the welcome ceremony
Enrico and Paolino during their arrival at Nusatupe airstripEnrico and Paolino during their arrival at Nusatupe airstrip
Enrico and Paolino checking the sea planeEnrico and Paolino checking the sea plane
The tireless Italian aviation volunteers said that everything may cease up because of the long period of without flying. But they managed to bring back the small sea plane to fly but need a fully clearance as it is a complicated machine.

The small plane will be sent over to Italy, and to make the bishop fly again is by installing its new twin sea plane again. The sea plane which may land, on sea and land was very useful to fly the flying bishop, his most Rev, Bishop Luciano Capelli sdb for his pastoral activities here in the Western and the Choiseul province.

The flying bishop serves almost every isolated community in and around the two provinces during his pastoral work as bishop for the Catholic diocese of Gizo.

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