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Inserting a photo: Inserting photos or other images can be straightforward for simple cases but can get more complicated if you want to do something "special". Let's take a simple case. Put the cursor where you want the photo and left click. Then click the icon labelled "Insert/Edit Image"  underneath the scissors icon (see the following graphic).


button for insert photoThis is my preferred way to upload and edit photos. There is also a simple link called "Image" towards the bottom centre of the edit screen. It allows you to upload or select an existing photo. But the problem is you then need to use the "Inseert/Edit Image" button to finish off the details.

 Firstly, you need to select a folder within the web database where your photo will be stored. If you only have a few photos, you can put them in a folder called "General Photos" or there might be another folder that seems more appropriate. If you have many photos, you should contact me and I will setup your own special folder so that we keep things neat and tidy. From this screen, you can also upload your own photo/s and also perform "drag and drop" from your PC.

image editor 

Note that your photos should be no larger than about 150Kbytes (e.g. 0.15MB or 150KB or 150,000B). In other words, about 640 pixels (i.e. dots) across. Storage space costs money and also if photos are bigger than this, the download time on peoples' computers will be excessive and they will probably not bother trying to read or access your article. If your photos are too big, you need to make a smaller copy using a program such as Adobe Photoshop and upload the copy to the web. let's assume your photos are a reasonable size.

Let us assume your photo is already in the database. Select the one you want. Then there are a few other options to select. It is best to select a margin all around of 8. Also, you can set left/centred/right justification. You can also determine whether or not text will wrap around the image using te button labelled "Clear". You can see the effect of this in the small preview window (top right). Nothing set allows full text wrap. Clear both means no text wrapping. When you are finished, click insert (or update if you are editting a photo previously inserted).

If your photo is too big, click it to select and use the corner drag handles to resize. Best not to use the ones along the sides of the photo or you will distort it.

If you want to upload a photo, you can use the buttons to the left of the question mark, half way down, right hand side. You can do drag/drop here and rescale the photo.

Now, here are a couple of screenshots of using the bottom image button to enter a photo
bottom image insert screen top of insert image screen


showing inserted imageOkay, let us look at the article with the image inserted. At this point, we have just returned from the process of entering the image and have resized it with the corners. Now it is time to add a caption. This USED to be a "pain" but now we have our very own caption facility. Firstly, make sure that the image is highlighted. Click on it again if necessary. Then, the small caption icon immediately to the right of the Image Insert/Edit button will be fully coloured. Click on it and the caption editor will pop up.shows caption menu Insert the caption text, set it to centred and then click "Insert". You should now see the photo with the highlighted caption underneath. We just need to make this bold (if required) by clicking the "B" for (Bold) button in the top row of icons on the editor and perhaps set the colour if required by clicking the big A with a black bar at the bottom.

Do not forget to save your article!

Here is what our test article looks like as we select the caption colour.

set colour caption


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