Nuncio Visits Schools and other Provincial Department

Nuncio Visits Schools and other Provincial Department

His Excellency Most Reverend Archbishop Fermin Emilio Sosa Rodriguez, along with Msgr. Federico Boni and Bishop Peter Houhou visited schools around St. Peters Parish Gizo.

They visited the Vanga Training Schools, St. Peters Urban Training Center and St. John Bosco Schools on the 24th, 25th, and 31st of August.

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They also had the privilege to visit the St. Eusebius Parish Noro, the Western Provincial Premier, Gizo Hospital, and the Gizo Correctional Center.

At the Correctional Center the Nuncio delivered his simple and powerful message reminding the inmates to build a healthy romantic relationship among them while they are in prison. There, they will achieve love, respect, and obedience, he said.

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Their visitations signify the Church's dedication to education and community engagement.

Bishop Peter Houhou's presence during these visits highlights the collaborative efforts within our Diocese and the public.

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