Moli Outreach Program Praise.

Moli Outreach Program Praise.

St. Joseph Men’s outreach group from Moli parish has been praised for their weekend program, which ended successfully on Sunday 23rd of April at Sirovanga parish.

Their activities highlight a very powerful demonstration among men from both parishes. Besides, there are mothers and youths accompanying them, which they are part of their program.



Their program has made more smiles and emotions while visiting the sick and the aging.

Meeting with each other has empowered each other, their program, and plan ahead said Anthony a media volunteer for Moli who is also a key person for the group.

 Raymond Vakurepe has praised them saying, “It so encouraging seeing men are active to walk with the risen Lord to our homes”. He said “Being head of the family and leaders in our communities, men must take bigger responsibilities to promote happy and devoted Christian communities, God Bless”



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