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Peace and Justice Workshop End Successfully at Moli

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The Catholic Diocese of Gizo, Western Province held a workshop on Peace and Justice at Moli pastoral center, Choiseul province from 15th to 19th November 2021.

The workshop was facilitated by Fr. Henry Paroi op. an anthropologist by profession and was attended by parish representatives of Voruvoru, Sirovanga, Taro, and Moli altogether the participants were 33 including the diocesan pastoral team that came from Gizo.

Facilitator Fr Henry Paroi op

Sr, Rita Pitavavini op and Mr. Jerome Quibatu from the pastoral team, gave welcome remarks and introduction.

The workshop draws its theme from the Bible, the book of prophet Micah that reads “This is what the Lord asks of you; only this to act justly, to love tenderly and to walk with your God. “Micah: six.

The workshop enabled the participants to learn about human dignity, human rights, traditional and Biblical understanding of peace and justice, kinds of justice and even the definition of a human being from a theological point of view.

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Most of the participants come to realize a lot of injustice happening in family, society and in the country as a whole.

The participants see the importance of having an office in the diocese and in parishes on peace and justice.

From the first day of the workshop Fr Henry, strongly inform the participants that failing in promoting justice and peace means, we only do half a parts of the Gospel or we fail the Gospel message in other words we do injustice to the Gospel.

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Why, because as human beings we are not merely religious beings, we are social, political, economic, sexual, rational beings. A human person should be covered in all its aspect when one addressed human issues.

Many questions were posed, few of many questions were:

How human rights and the common good be, understand correctly? What is just wage? What are the trustees?

What is the country’s policy on private business and foreigners? etc.

Along with these questions comes lengthy discussions on land issues, logging and business in the country and the injustice taking place to all citizens.

Participants were able to understand the need to amend parts of their culture. “To change parts of culture is not an easy task and it will take years” Fr. Henry reminds his participants.

During the night, a video show on Bishop Romero and St Augustine was shown which helped the participants capture the reality and the consequences that happen when fighting for peace and justice.

This workshop could be a way forward to transforming the people of society. Participants understand well the challenges and the benefit they will encounter and receive if they really put their effort to work for the promotion of justice and peace.

At the end of the workshop Fr Henry, remind the participants to be strong and to make use of what they have learned.

The diocesans pastoral team representative Mr. Jerome thanked the bishop of the diocese most Revered Luciano Capelli for supporting the workshop.

He also thanked Fr Henry and all the participants for their time and effort.

The workshop was concluded with Holy Mass and a community meal.

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