St. Eusebius parish Noro celebrates Station of the Cross

Noro Anglicans and Catholics Combine to Celebrate Good Friday. (From Fr. Tony compiled by DoG media office).

At 10:30am on Good Friday 14th April; both the Anglicans and Catholics gathered to celebrate the Passion of the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ at Baru Noro.
The combine celebration was very devotional as young people, men, women and of course the kids show solidarity among these 2 churches.

Play of Jesus is crucifyCanaan community with one of the SC.
Play of Jesus is crucifyPlay of Jesus is crucify.

Play of Jesus is crucifyNoro community during the SC.

Along the main
road the performance of the Lord’s passion played starting with the narrator’s intonation, in the garden. The heavy cross of 10’x6’ was laid on the shoulder of the central actor.

‘A very moving service, almost after a gap of about 20 years’ commented the ladies and the Anglicans, who had their worship in the morning, were encouraged to go to the Catholic church at 3.00 pm when the Noro Catholic community normally have the Veneration of the Cross.

And in Canaan a beautiful way of the cross was organized by the families living around that location.
Each station a cross with the picture of the particular station was placed.

After prayer and singing at each station, the cross is also carried in a procession and at the end of it, all the 14 crosses are heaped in one place to be burnt on Easter Vigil for the new fire and to light the Paschal candle from this fire. This reminds them their own failures of the past one year for all people to witness and be nail it all as the cross, trudge along the way carrying it, to help them purge the hurts and wounds, and finally burn it to lead a new life, purified by the fire of the Vigil.

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