Brief History of Late Fr. Simon Suvenava OP

 Brief History of Late Fr. Simon Suvenava OP.

We heard the sad news of the passing away of Fr. Simon Suvenava OP. He died on the 20th of July at about 3.30 after a fall in the priest's house at Sirovanga. Let us be one in our prayers for Him. He lately was feeling very weak and has been in the hospital both in Honiara and Gizo. During the last month's retreat, he had dengue fever.

LET US IMITATE HIS PASTORAL ZEAL and cheerfulness in life.

Fr. Simon intercedes for us.

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 Brief History of Late Fr. Simon Suvenava OP.

The late Fr. Simon Suvenava OP was born on 25th January 1955 and was the 5th of nine children brought up in a Christian family.

His parents Joseph Dokekana and Clara Dokekana with the help of our church leaders, inspired the Late Fr. Simon Suvenava to have the vision to become a priest.

He attended St Joseph's Moli School from 1964 – 1967 from classes 1-4 in the primary level.

From 1968 – 1970 he attended classes 5 – 7 at Nila Primary School in Shortlands.

In the year 1971, he left for Bougainville to complete forms 1 – 4 at St Joseph’s Rigu, Kieta. After a couple of years of completing his studies up to Form 4, he attended St. Peter Chanel Minor Seminary for Forms 5 and 6 from 1975 to 1976 at Rabaul.

His vision to become a priest gave him the opportunity to enter the Novitiate in 1977 as the Holy Spirit Major Seminary was just a doorstep ahead and immediately these took him from 1978 till he was ordained priesthood in 1985 at his homeland at Sirovanga Catholic Mission Station.

He served as a priest for 37 years and 7 months.

He was called to rest after a fall from the priest's house at Sirovanga.

He battled some kind of generalized health issues due to frequent viral attacks.

His priestly motto:


Late Fr. Simon Suvenava OP was a gentle, humble, and welcoming person.

His priestly seniority shaped him into a person open to everybody. He was a kind priest with humility.

We Will never forget All his good deeds serving the people of our beloved Diocese Gizo and abroad.

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