Bishop Capelli Welcome Back Home

Bishop Capelli sdb Welcome Back after Nine Months at Italy

The Parishioners for the Catholic Diocese of Gizo were happy to received back their bishop Bishop Luciana Capelli after returning from a medical trip in Italy.


An unexpected welcome ceremony was on Friday the 31st of May where most of the parishioners were curious to hear about his (bishop) current health status.

Bishop is escorted by St. Peters students to the Cathedral
Bishop is escorted by St. Peters students to the Cathedral
Bishop greets some of StBishop greets some of St Mata women's group
In his speech which the bishop was so tire but happy and looks healthy he said, with the solidarity of the parishioners he is fighting against the cancer, and with many prayers from the good people of the 3 diocese and others gave him courage which his body cannot carry on but his spirit gives him all the energy he need through nine months and every day to fight the sickness.

The bishop said that it was a long fight since it was a winter season in Italy that is six degrees below zero, and also experience a lot of nausea and received more medication to stop the cancer shells to develop.

Two tests result came negative but have to return for further tests and further examinations to detect that the cancer cells are totally gone.

The bishop said he is being encourage by his doctor to have more rests due to the low resistance of his immune system to fight the sickness. But with his love for his diocese and country Solomon Island he had to return to serve.

The most Revered Bishop Luciano Capelli sdb have his yearly priest meeting with his parish priests’ week he was welcomed. 

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