Dominican Preaching team

Diocese of Gizo in the Solomon Islands

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This group of Dominican Preachers is based in Webster Wisconsin. They conduct Parish Renewal Missions in Australia and New Zealand with the majority of their work in the United States. They agreed to spend a month, starting in June 2004, in the Solomons. Normally there are 3 members an American and Australian Dominican and an American Franciscan Sister. Only two- Sister Joan Bukrey and Father Nick Punch were able to visit on this occasion. Their coming forms part of the 8 year-old Renewal Program that the Diocese of Gizo has been running under the guidance of the Movement for a Better World. The aim of this Renewal, using the motto "We are the Church", is to assist people to see themselves as church. In other words to involve the laity in more of the Church's activities. To achieve this we need better lay preachers. A popular feature of their preaching is to deliver their talks together and answer questions as a panel. The collaboration of men and women in this truly Dominican style of preaching was well received by the 30 Sisters and Friars attending their annual retreat.preach1.jpg (60.4kb)

On arrival they held a Day of Prayer for Diocesan personnel and then conducted the five-day Retreat for the Dominican Priests,Brothers and Sisters at Logha, a small island forming part of Gizo Harbour where the Dominicans have a Formation Centre. They are also to conduct three Workshops for Preachers at Nila, Moli, Sirovagna and Logha each of 3 days duration.It is expected that about 20 people mainly catechists and other Church workers will comprise the majority of those attending. As with all such workshops there are always a large number of onlookers!

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