The Flying Bishop Visit Nila Catholic Mission.

On Friday the 27th of October the 5 schools at Nila Mission station (Saint John Bosco Kindergarten, primary, junior secondary, senior secondary, Saint Anne) have graduated a big number of graduates… close to double thank in the not far past.
Emotions went high as the young graduates received their diploma and lined up for a hag from parents and friends.
The Honor graduate in her speech thanked the Gizo Diocese for making higher secondary education available in the Shortland. In spite of the many challenges that isolation of the schools face every day (isolation and lack of committed, qualified and competent teachers for one)

The bishop of Gizo in His graduation speech challenged the candidates with the motto of the Olympics

Three Latin words “ALTIUS…. FORTIUS… CITIUS” in English translated as: HIGHER…STRONGER…FASTER

“Victory is not in the final triumph but in the day struggle” Let’s aim high… graduation means a step higher than before… a stronger motivation…that makes us change gear and speed

Let’s not be flat batteries…let’s give the best shots and the best try every time, everywhere putting the heart in what we do…

The flying Bishop, Bishop Luciano Capelli sbd have to stay over on weekend for another important occasion, and on October 29th, which was a very ‘Holy’ day at the Holy Rosary parish in Nila, Shortland Islands.

232 Candidates received the Sacrament of Confirmation. Never before has the huge Church looked so small. The youth came from the various communities around the Shortlands: Alu and Fauro Islands from the villages of Maleai, Pirumeri, Nuhu, Aleang, Gaomai, Komaleai, Harapa, Koleai,Samanago and Tomoa and the villages in and around the Nila mission station.

Bishop LBishop L. Capelli sdb bless a Candidate.
The flying bishop in his Homily emphasized on the three biggest youth problems: “mi no save”… “Mi lez, wari wari blo iu”… “Tomorrow”… He then showed how the presence of the spirit in the hearts of people can make a big difference.

He can MAKE YOU SAVE GOOD… with wisdom, intellect, counsel…
He can help you win your being ‘lez’ with the gift of fortitude
He can overshadow you and make you “open” to a mission of service for the needs of your neighbour
Not tomorrow but today with the gifts of “piety and fear of the lord”
He is the charger of your battery… the top up of your mobile… but only if you call on Him and accept him as the master of your life.
Occasions were beautiful and colourful which every communities around Nila parish came to witness.

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