Reconciliation and Farewell picnic

On Sunday 14th September was a Reconciliation and Farewell picnic for St. Peter’s Youth at Nusatupe Island.

Gizo Youth PicnicThe activity was organized by Sr. Teresa Tebaia op, assisted by Br. Johnson op and was masted by Br. Pau; Cheka op.
More than 20 youth joined in and most likely to bring back all the old members and new once together as one after being apart for more than 2 months, since the World Youth Day in Sydney.
The Picnic was started with a reconciliation Prayer.
There were also welcome speeches, acknowledgement and word of appreciation, Games and fun. There was a Cake dance performed by Br. Johnson and his group, showing their appreciation and joy to the old youth members who had left us for quite along time and willing to continue on the journey together as youth to build one strong faith to make Gizo Catholic Church fully alive with young faith.
It was also a farewell picnic for some of us who will leave. Huge thanks to May Thugea who will leave, for all your cooperation and hard work while with us, moreover to the old members who will to be with us again ( Alex, Joana, Hynes and Goretty)
At about 5pm , Youth all gathered on the beach together to conclude the program with 2 glorious mystery decades given by Sr. Theresa op, and was followed with signing of peace among us.
The day was so fine and ended up joyously that we all returned home safely with joy and happiness.

Bridget Eita (Gizo Youth)